Lunch at Elbert’s Cheesesteak Sandwiches

Elbert's cheesesteak-15

In spite of our crazy schedule today, Elisa and I trooped to Rockwell just to eat at Elbert’s Cheesesteak Sandwiches. We had to redeem our miserable lunch the other day at Charlie’s Grind and Grill.  We wanted to compare Elbert’s cheesesteak against Charlie’s.
Elbert's cheesesteak
Elbert's cheesesteak-1
Elbert's cheesesteak-2
menu on the wall
Elbert's cheesesteak-3
cute espresso maker!
Elbert's cheesesteak-4
catsup, mayo and mustard
I loved it that you can watch your sandwich being cooked. We were so happy so to see so much meat!

Elbert's cheesesteak-5

The steak was assaulted with way too much pepper for my taste. Next time I’ll tell the cook to go easy on the pepper.
Elbert's cheesesteak-6
Elbert's cheesesteak-8
Thinly sliced steak with salt and pepper cooked on a grill. With good quality beef you don’t need anything else. What could be simpler and yummier than that? I can’t wait for their burgers. I hope it gets the same simple treatment.
Elbert's cheesesteak-10
Mine is the one with American cheese. Next time I’ll order it plain. The beef was so good it didn’t need cheese at all.
Elbert's cheesesteak-11
Elbert's cheesesteak-12
I’ve read on several blogs that the main complaint about Elbert’s is the price. Their 5″ hoagie is filled with 300 grams of beef and costs P210 without cheese and P240 with cheese. That’s over half a pound or 10.5 ounces. As you can see from the sandwich it’s stuffed. I also loved they used wheat bread for the hoagie. Even then I just ate one side of the bread to enjoy the beef more.

Charlie’s sells their small sandwich for P220 and it’s filled with mostly vegetables and a tiny amount of steak. So how can you compare that? It’s only P20 difference and a world apart in taste and satisfaction.

Elbert's cheesesteak-13
Hoagie steak sandwich (with onions) P210
Elbert's cheesesteak-14
hoagie pre-tomato
Elbert's cheesesteak-15 (1)
American cheesesteak hoagie P240
Elbert's cheesesteak-16
Still not the best fries for me but it’s not bad at all. It was hot, freshly cooked, not greasy and crisp.
Elbert's cheesesteak-18
As you can tell by this picture I was too excited to try the sandwich. I could barely take a decent picture. This was the last picture I took until we were done.
We loved the sandwiches. We were able to hold the sandwich and eat it. Unlike Charlie’s where it was swimming in cheese sauce you needed a fork and knife to eat it. The steak was perfectly cooked and was very juicy. This IS a steak sandwich!
Elbert's cheesesteak-17
Elbert's cheesesteak-19
what leftovers?
Elbert’s Cheesesteak Sandwiches (closed)
Level P1, Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell Drive Makati
telephone: 381-2450

7 thoughts on “Lunch at Elbert’s Cheesesteak Sandwiches

  1. I enjoyed reading this entry. Thanks for coming. It looked like you enjoyed. I’m glad you appreciate our cheesesteaks.FYI, the burgers are now available. I hope you’ll like them too.Elbert Cuenca


  2. Early of this year when this place was just about to open, i got to try out their sandwich. I aboslutely agree that the beef that was used to concure up this treat was of top class. No contest! But my only gripe is, it was under seasoned…upon reaching half point of the sandwich I had this sense of nakakasuya feel. The fries i got to try were cold and already mushy for it has been standing in the counter for too long. But from the looks of your review I might just give this place a shot of redemption. 😉


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