Hang Heung’s Kitchen

Fried glutinous rice w/ preserved meats
Hang Heung’s Kitchen is our go to restaurant when we want good and affordable food. The place is very simple but the food never dissapoints us. We never fail to eat here at least once every tume we’re in Hong Kong. You can see other entries of Hang Heung here and here.

Every December they have a seasonal winter menu. Here are some of the dishes from that menu.
Ginger stems & Preserved eggs
ginger stems & preserved eggs HK$16

Kailan is one of my favorite vegetables. I love the way they cook it by simply boiling the greens in stock and serving it with oyster sauce.
Kailan or Chinese broccoli

They swore it was good but I didn’t eat the turtle. I just ate the mushrooms and bean curd skins in the casserole. Those were yummy.
Braised turtle casserole
braised turtle casserole HK$98

Since the fried glutinous rice is only available in December I had to have my fix of the delicious but a bit greasy rice. It had all sort of goodies in it like Chinese sausage or ‘lap cheong’, liver sausage, mushroom and peanuts. The oil from the sausages made the rice dish very fragrant and decadent. I made sure to drink lots of hot tea with my meal.
Fried glutinous rice w/ preserved meats
fried glutinous rice w/ preserved meats HK$68

Hang Heung Menu
chef's recommendation
chef’s recommendation

Seasonal menu
Seasonal menu

set menus
set menus

full menu

Hang Heung’s Kitchen (branch now closed)
18-24 Salisbury Road
Shop 303, 3/F New World Centre
Tsim Sha Tsui
telephone: 2366-8628

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