It’s my blog’s 1st year anniversary!

1st anniversary
Woohoo! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me… I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I started Shoot First, Eat Later.

This blog started with this post and my desire to shoot lots of pictures with my new camera the Panasonic LX3. I didn’t know much about blogging or taking pictures then. I thought my first entry’s pictures looked pretty good. If you look at them they’re actually not bad. Notice how small the pictures were.

Panasonic LX3

I was happy for a while until I felt the burning need to upgrade my camera to a Panasonic G1. It was a great camera and I had a lot of fun taking pictures in Australia and Singapore. It was heavy though and it can’t take videos.

Panasonic G1

I promised myself that the Panasonic G1 was my last camera until this beauty was unleashed to the world. The Panasonic GF1 was even smaller and lighter than the G1 and it could shoot videos. All the reviews were raving about this camera and it’s excellent 20mm fixed lens. So I caved in again. Thankfully my friend Raymund bought my G1 otherwise I wouldn’t have bought this beauty. And thanks to Jeanne and Anthony for convincing me to buy this camera.

I started using this camera last December. You can see the pictures starting with this entry. Did anyone notice the difference? I hope so! These cameras are such an important tool in my blog. Learning how to use them are a big motivation for this blog.
Panasonic GF1
Panasonic GF1

The past year had 402 blog entries, 78,475 visitors from 154 countries (according to neocounter), 102,731 visitors (according to statcounter), 59 followers, restaurant pictures and reviews from Manila, Hong Kong, Western Australia and Singapore. Those numbers don’t mean much compared to the other blogs out there but I’m happy at least there are people who come to my blog regularly. I would like to thank all of you who drop by daily to check out what’s new.

What can you expect from me this year? Definitely more restaurants in Manila to shoot and eat at. I’ll also be conquering the restaurants in the USA soon. Watch out for that! Who knows where else my travels will take me this year but I’ll be sure to take my trusty camera and shoot everything I eat.

shoot first eat later

15 thoughts on “It’s my blog’s 1st year anniversary!

  1. congratulations les , keep it coming , i enjoy reading your blog and looking at your fabulous food photos , they keep me salivating always , which means , you are one effective blogger . looking forward to more of your blogs / discoveries .  


  2. Happy Birthday to “Shoot First…”!  Your blog has allowed me to live and eat vicariously through you.  Looking forward to being part of your US blogging tour 🙂 .  Keep up the great work, cool sense of humor, and best of all.. the good eats!!! 


  3. Congratulations!!!!!  Happy 1st Les!!!  Yep, I gots new memory so I can post again!!!! Yay!  You have a great web site and must have a great behind the scenes staff!!  Fantastic site and even better work! Beau


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