Peking Garden at Greenbelt 5

seared US beef fillet salad
We finally ate at Peking Garden’s branch at Greenbelt 5. They opened their new location last December 2009.

Peking Garden Greenbelt 5

Peking Garden Greenbelt 5-1

Peking Garden Greenbelt 5-2

The place was packed that Sunday.
Peking Garden Greenbelt 5-3

Peking Garden Greenbelt 5-4
function rooms

Check out the detailed decorative woodwork surrounding the lights.
Peking Garden Greenbelt 5-5

Even the aircon vents were decorated.
Peking Garden Greenbelt 5-6

This was our set menu. Several items I’ve already featured before but I was glad that there were new dishes that I was going to try for the first time.
set menu

four kinds of appetizers
four kinds of appetizers

I ate only one of the 4 appetizers, the honeyed fish butterfly shape. Strange name but it’s the best appetizer in Peking Garden. It’s sweet, thin and crispy fish. I’ve never eaten this anywhere else.
four kinds of appetizers

fried spring onion cake
fried spring onion cake

The soup was extremely tasty and flavorful. I just didn’t eat the papaya or the whelk.
double boiled chicken soup w/ & whelk
double boiled chicken soup w/ papaya & whelk

The Peking duck was a staple in most tables in the restaurant. This is what they are famous for. I heard they sell several hundred ducks in a day. No one can cut up a duck as fast and as prettily as they do in Peking Garden. They even manage to scrape of the fat from the crisp skin.
Peking Duck
Peking duck

I loved these crispy prawns flavored with salted egg. They were simply sublime.
golden prawns w/ salted egg
golden prawns w/ salted egg

This seemed like a healthy dish, using only egg whites and a lone egg yolk on top. I was told that this type of dish needed a lot of oil to cook it. No wonder it was so good.
scrambled egg whites w/ minced fish & dried scallops
scrambled egg whites w/ minced fish & dried scallops

The crabs and rice were very good. Perfect for crab lovers!
lotus seafood rice w/ garlic crabs
lotus seafood rice w/ garlic crab
lotus seafood rice w/ garlic crabs

I loved the marinated flanked steak that was seared and sliced thinly. It lay on a bed of shredded lettuce thus the name beef fillet salad.
seared US beef fillet salad
seared US beef fillet salad

I didn’t like the dessert at all. I wish it were just plain almond soup but it had egg whites in it. It tasted strange. Good thing since I was already so full from lunch.
hot sweetened almond puree w/ dumplings

Peking Garden
4th level Greenbelt 5,
Ayala Center, Makati City
telephone: 729-0567

4 thoughts on “Peking Garden at Greenbelt 5

  1. accompanied friend who was availing a coupon  for their duck at 50% off. Unfortunately he only had 2 days left before coupon expires. We visit the place only to be told that resto was fully booked the next 2 days and that we could not take out the duck. Manager and head waitress were dismissive.Did not care about the loss as Groupon have paid them already anyway.  Did not really care about the coupon promo. They might have good duck but with such service why should I patronize it. .. One fucking lousy service!!


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