Dinner at Delicious Kitchen Part 2

I was so enamored with the wonton in double boiled chicken soup the last time we ate in Delicious Kitchen I knew I had to eat it one more time before leaving Hong Kong. On our last night in Hong Kong we went back to Delicious Kitchen to have my wonton fix and try out other dishes.

This time I ordered the wonton in plain soup. The soup was the same kind used in their noodle soup dishes. It was ok but nowhere as good as the double boiled chicken soup. Sure it costs almost double but it was worth it.
wonton in soup

wonton in soup HK$38

veggie rice
veggie rice

I didn’t try the eel but I was told it was good albeit a bit oily.
stir fried sliced eel w/ chives
stir fried sliced eel w/ chives HK$65

I discovered another new favorite dish. I simply loved the soft, tasty Japanese tofu with 3 kinds of mushroom. I ate more than half of this dish without rice. It didn’t need any rice. It was perfect on its own.
3 kinds of mushroom w/ Japanese beancurd
3 kinds of mushroom w/ Japanese beancurd HK$59

I remember liking Shanghai noodles from eating at other Shanghai restaurants like Wu Kong so I decided to try their version. The spareribs were the same pork ribs we ordered the last time. Delicious Kitchen’s Shanghai noodles were hard and not very appetizing. We didn’t finish this dish. It was a fail.
Shanghai noodles w/ spareribs
Shanghai noodles w/ spareribs HK$48

Mashed red bean pancake is one of my favorite Chinese desserts and I was pleased to see it on the menu for only HK$20. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to my expectations. It was too crispy and the filling lacked sweetness. My ideal red bean pancake is soft with the edges just slightly crisp with a thick red bean filling that oozes out when you bite the pancake. That can be found at Spring Deer.
mashed red bean pancake
mashed red bean pancake HK$20

cold platter/delicate dishes/soup,
soup/rice w/ veggetables/noodles in soup
braised noodles/bean curd/meat, seafood/sauteed delicate dishes
fried noodles/nian guo/fried rice/desserts/beverages, combos
set menus (English), set menus (Chinese)

Delicious Kitchen
G/F 20-20A Ashley Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
telephone: +852-2314-4868, 2314-2468

Shop B, G/F, 9-11 Cleveland Street, 
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
telephone: +852-2577-7720, 2577-8350

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