Dinner at Lu Restaurant in Rockwell

truffled mac n' cheese
Ever since I saw heart-2-heart’s post on Lu I knew I had to try it. So when my friends wanted to get together I immediately suggested Lu. None of them have tried it either.

Lu Rockwell

I liked the restaurant’s clean and modern look unfortunately the ambient temperature was terribly warm when we ate there last April 8, 2010. Either they lacked air-conditioners or one was busted. It’s good they brought out an electric fan near our table. Another thing we didn’t like was the awful acoustics. We could barely hear each other since the whole place reverberated with voices and noise.
Lu Rockwell-1

Lu Rockwell-2

Lu Rockwell-3

Temperature and acoustics aside the most important thing is the food. Lu serves Mediterranean cuisine leaning more towards Moroccan flavors. The server suggested the next two dishes for our appetizers. There were 8 of us and let me tell you these two little dishes were definitely not enough.

The chorizo cheese dip was actually very tasty but don’t let the picture fool you. The brown dish was about 6″ in diameter and the tiny tortillas were about 3″ wide. We had to split the tortillas in half so everyone could try it. Well it was our fault for ordering only one.
queso fundido con chorizo
queso fundido con chorizo P325

The spring rolls were just average. Good but nothing out of this world.
crispy prawn & shiitake spring rolls
crispy prawn & shiitake spring rolls P275

vinegar dips for the spring roll
vinegar dips for the spring roll

We decided to eat family style and shared all the dishes among 8 of us so everyone got to try everything.

I’m not much of a steak eater but in my opinion this dish was just average. When it came to our table the fries and steak were cold. We complained and they immediately replaced it or heated it up. I wonder why there was cheese on only one steak? Why not both?
Mexican steak frites
Mexican steak frites P675

I really liked the oxtail and short ribs. They were both fall-off-the-bone tender and the sauce was aggressively flavored and perfect with the al dente pasta.
zesty oxtail & short rib braise w/ handmade saffron pappardelle
zesty oxtail & short rib braise w/ handmade saffron pappardelle P360

I normally like just lamb chops and not lamb shanks which are usually cooked with a red wine sauce. But I really loved their lamb shank with yogurt sauce. It was mild yet flavorful. It was also amazingly tender.
unhurriedly steamedlamb shank w/ minted yogurt and vermicelli rice
unhurriedly steamed lamb shank w/ minted yogurt and vermicelli rice P720

I thought the pork chop was huge but since it was so good I think it’s just right for one. The chop was so thick but they managed to cook it perfectly. The flavor penetrated all the way through the bone. Janet suspected it was brined before cooking. I just wasn’t a big fan of the strong achuete sauce. I was happy to eat the pork plain.
ultimate pork chop w/ orange-achuete sauce
ultimate pork chop w/ orange-achuete sauce P595

The biggest hit with everyone was the truffled mac n’ cheese. The dish was the same size as the cheese and chorizo appetizer. We all got only a spoonful each. As soon as it came out we all started sniffing the fragrant aroma from the truffle oil. When I finally ate my spoonful of mac I immediately groaned. The flavor from the 5 cheeses were a mix of salty, nutty, creamy and just sinfully delicious. The truffle flavor was mild but noticeable. We ordered another one right away. The second order was less creamy but nevertheless yummy.
truffled mac n' cheese
truffled mac n’ cheese P450

You can pass on this ordinary pasta dish. You could get better tasting pasta elsewhere. Stick to the mac n’ cheese and the other meat dishes. I want to go back to try their other dishes and another round of mac n’ cheese.
creamy basil bechamel, asparagus & zucchini on whole wheat linguini
creamy basil bechamel, asparagus & zucchini on whole wheat linguini P325

We didn’t have dessert because the choices seemed pricey and we suspected they were tiny too. So we went next door for some ice cream and yogurt. Watch out for that on the next post.
Lu menu-2
Lu menu
Lu menu-3

Lu menu

Lu menu-1

Lu restaurant
G/F Joya Bldg., Joya Drive, Rockwell
Makati City, Metro Manila
telephone: 403-3991

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