Taipei Day 1 – Shopping at Carrefour

After lunch at Taimall Benjie brought us to Carrefour for more shopping.  Carrefour is a French based hypermarket chain. Think Walmart, Shopwise and Sm Hypermart.
Carrefour Taipei

The first thing that caught my eyes were these candied sweet potatoes. They looked incredibly sweet but when I tried it I loved it. It was naturally sweet and the sugar coating wasn’t cloyingly sweet. It just added a slightly sticky texture to the sweet potatoes. This started my sweet potato obsession in Taipei.
Carrefour Taipei-1
candied sweet potatoes
Carrefour Taipei-2

These are things you’ll never see in Walmart. I couldn’t identify half of these food stuff. We had a grand time trying several samples.
Carrefour Taipei-3
dried beef, pork, and fish, pork floss

Carrefour Taipei-4
dried fruits
Carrefour Taipei-5

I bought a small bag of coated cashews in this area. They didn’t have any sample for it so I just took a chance. When I tried it I regretted not buying more. The cashews were coated with a lightly sweet crunchy coating that had a strong black pepper taste. They were amazing! Sweet and peppery and very addicting.
Carrefour Taipei-6
preserved fruits

Carrefour Taipei-7

Carrefour Taipei-8

I bought a small bag of candied kumquats. I liked the sweet, tart and citrusy taste of the  kumquat’s rind. I just didn’t like the presence of seeds.
Carrefour Taipei-9
candied kumquats

Carrefour Taipei-10
giant dried cranberries

Carrefour Taipei-11
herbal teas – dried roses

Carrefour Taipei-12

Carrefour Taipei-13
sushi galore

I wonder what this tastes like? Frappucino?
Carrefour Taipei-14
milktea coffee ice cup

Carrefour Taipei-15

Carrefour Taipei-16

Just like any hypermarket there were plenty of choices for prepared food for busy people. Instead of a salad bar, pasta selections there were intestines, tongue and lots of things I couldn’t identify. Dinner sure won’t be boring.
Carrefour Taipei-17

The tofu looks good though. I can’t say the same for the rest. Whatever they are.
Carrefour Taipei-18

They have roast chicken too!
Carrefour Taipei-19

I love these dried Chinese sausages. The black one is made with pork liver and the red is just plain pork.
Carrefour Taipei-20

They also had an extensive bread selection with lots of free samples too. That’s one thing I noticed in Taipei. Everywhere we went whether in bakeries or supermarkets there were always free samples to let you taste the products.
Carrefour Taipei-21

We went to Costco after Carrefour but I didn’t take any pictures because I was too busy shopping. It was just like the Costco in the US except there were a lot of Chinese and Japanese products. I bought this big double bag of mixed Japanese nuts and crackers. They had free tasting at Costco and after trying it we all bought a bag each. These are so, so, so yummy! I’ve never eaten anything this good. My stash is down to the last few bags. I wonder where I can buy this now.
Carrefour Taipei-22

Japanese snacks
must buy Japanese snacks from Costco Taiwan
Japanese snacks

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  1. Hi Les!just want to say that i love love love reading all your travel stories 🙂 now i know where to dine when in hk and taipeiFran


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