My blog’s new look!

original look of my blog when I started it on Feb. 2009

Hi everyone,
After 20 months I finally have a new look for my blog. It’s still a work in progress and I’m still waiting for my new logo. What do you think of the design and color? Can you please answer the poll on the top right hand of the site? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions too. Thanks!


This was the very first design when I started this blog. I didn’t know a thing about web sites and designing it. It took me a couple of months of frantic tinkering to come up with a better look from the free template.

This was the next look. Still from a free template but I changed the colors and other factors. The current look is still from a free template because I will never learn how to make a site from scratch. 

2 thoughts on “My blog’s new look!

  1. I’m confused, the new look is that one captured in picture on top of this page, yung may orange, green, off white (sa txt part)? How come in the actual page, all I see is orange sa side  background and orange lettering ng txt on the right part of the page tapos yung left half of the page is all white with black txt lang besides the pictures of course.


  2. Tisay the picture above is what my blog looked like in the very beginning. What you see now is the new look. Those pics above were the looks before.


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