JW Marriott in San Francisco

JW Marriott
I arrived in San Francisco at 8:00 pm and my friend Ariel a.k.a. Niño picked me up from the airport in a limo. Talk about style! We then went to the hotel he booked for me. He works in the hotel industry and he got me a special rate at the JW Marriott in Union Square. Sadly, it was for one night only. Thanks Ariel!!!

This is Ariel in front of the hotel’s entrance. I loved the location of the hotel which was only 1 block away from Union Square.
JW Marriott-2

JW Marriott-3

I was delighted to see I got a corner room with 2 windows and a king bed.  The room was big and comfy.
JW Marriott-4

JW Marriott-5

JW Marriott-7

JW Marriott-6

JW Marriott-11

JW Marriott-8

JW Marriott-9

JW Marriott-10

To my shock and joy Ariel told me that my room came with access to the club lounge. Woohoo! We checked it out and found hors d’oeuvres and all kinds of alcohol. No, we didn’t have any since we were going out for a light dinner.
JW Marriott-club lounge 15

JW Marriott-club lounge 14

JW Marriott-club lounge 17

JW Marrioclub lounge

These were my views of the city in the morning.
JW Marriott-12

JW Marriott-13

Because of the time difference I woke up really early and was at the club lounge by 6:00 am. There was a breakfast spread waiting for me! There was no free wifi in the hotel except in the club lounge. They also had a computer and printer you can use.
JW Marriott-club lounge 18

JW Marriott-21

JW Marriott-19

JW Marriott-20

These wonderful selection of carbs almost made me weep. But I didn’t give in.
JW Marriott-22

JW Marriott-23

JW Marriott-24

JW Marriott-25

JW Marriott-26

I really wanted to eat a bagel, croissant and a muffin instead I ate super sweet huge strawberries and watermelon and some scrambled eggs. Sad to say this meal was the last time I had control over carbs.

JW Marriott-27

JW Marriott Hotel
500 Post Street corner of Post and Mason
San Francisco, California 94102 USA
Phone: 1-415-771-8600

2 thoughts on “JW Marriott in San Francisco

  1. wow leslie, that room looks plush! and hooray to that self-control. i wouldn’t have survived without gorging on those muffins! can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip 🙂


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