Villa Florence Hotel

Union Square
After my free breakfast at the club lounge of JW Marriott I went back to my room to pack for my move to the Villa Florence hotel. I only had 1 night of luxury stay at JW Marriott which I thoroughly enjoyed.

By 8 am I was all done with my packing. Since it was too early to move I decided to walk around Union Square and take a few pictures. 
SF cable car
San Francisco’s famous cable car

Union Square-2

Union Square-3
Union Square

Union Square-4

These were the only pictures I took because when I got to Macy’s I was shocked to find it open at 8 am for a special weekend sale! I immediately put my camera in my bag and went shopping. Believe it or not that was the only shopping I did in San Francisco. The rest of the time was spent eating and eating. Really.
Union Square-5

Villa Florence’s location was even better than JW Marriott. It was smack dab in Powell street right in the midst of all the stores. Right across was a giant Skechers store and a few more steps is Macy’s.
Villa Florence hotel

Villa Florence hotel-1

The hotel has been fully renovated. The room I got was much smaller but it suited my needs just fine. And the best thing was the free wifi access in the room and all the public places in the hotel.
Villa Florence hotel-2

The room was very clean and it had a window type air-conditioner with heater which I used. Yes it was summer in San Francisco and I needed the heater at night.
Villa Florence hotel-3

Villa Florence hotel-4

Villa Florence hotel-5

Villa Florence hotel-6

Another perk is their toiletries from L’Occitane. I really liked Villa Florence for it’s location and room. I wouldn’t mind staying here again. And their rates are very affordable, for San Francisco’s standard.
Villa Florence hotel-7

Villa Florence Hotel
225 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Telephone: (415) 397-7700

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