Dinner at Pizzeria Delfina

After checking in to my hotel, Ariel brought me to Pizzeria Delfina.
Pizza Delfina Salsiccia pizza

When I was doing research on the best pizza in San Francisco there were several names that kept popping up and Pizzeria Delfina was one of them. It was also Ariel’s favorite so that’s where he brought me.

Pizza Delfina

We went to the branch in nearby California St. It was close to 10 pm when we arrived and there was still a short line.

Pizza Delfina-1

When you enter the restaurant you have to list your name and how many are in your group on the blackboard.
Pizza Delfina-2

Pizza Delfina-6

Pizza Delfina-3

They gave us a plate of grated parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes and dried oregano.
Pizza Delfina-7

My choice was the funghi pizza made with hen of woods mushroom, fontina cheese, panna (cream) and nepitella (an Italian herb). I was so excited since this was my first carb intake in 3 weeks.
Pizza Delfina funghi pizza
funghi pizza $17

I read that Pizzeria Delfina uses a gas oven instead of the traditional wood burning oven. They must have an oven capable of very high temperatures to make the crust evenly charred that resulted in a crunchy crust just the way I liked it. 
Pizza Delfina funghi pizza-2

The topping tasted like very, very good cream of mushroom soup. The cheese and cream made for a very rich and yummy sauce. It was my dream topping!
Pizza Delfina funghi pizza-1

Ariel’s favorite was the salsiccia or housemade fennel Italian sausage with tomatoes, bell pepper, red onions and mozarella cheese.
Pizza Delfina Salsiccia pizza
salsiccia pizza $15

The sausage was indeed good and I loved the big pieces of mozzarella cheese. I just found the pizza too wet. Ariel said it wasn’t normally like that. Maybe the tomatoes were too watery?
Pizza Delfina Salsiccia pizza-1

Yes I ate all of that! I really don’t eat the ends of the pizza specially when the edge of the crust is thick. Besides I was trying to minimize carbs and calories. Yeh right! I can’t believe we finished 2 pizzas. Granted it wasn’t that big, only 12 inches, and I didn’t eat all the filling crust.

I would have loved to walk back to the hotel but it was freezing. Ariel kept laughing at me since I wasn’t used to the cold windy weather. I wish I brought a winter jacket instead of a light sweater. I don’t know how many times I repeated that during the 3 days I was in San Francisco. Brrrrr…..
Pizza Delfina-13

Pizza Delfina menu
Pizzeria Delfina’s menu
Pizza Delfina menu-1

Pizzeria Delfina
2406 California Street, San Francisco 94110

Telephone: (415) 440-1189

3611 18th Street, San Francisco 94110

Telephone: (415) 437-6800

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