Lunch at Gott’s Roadside

fish tacos
I was having so much fun walking around the farmers market taking pictures and trying samples of fruit, nuts and cheese that I didn’t realize that 3 hours had passed and it was time to meet some of my high school friends, who were based in the bay area, for lunch.

There were so many places to choose from in the Ferry building where we could have lunch. In the end we chose Gott’s Roadside for a casual lunch.
Gott's Roadside

Gott’s Roadside wasn’t your ordinary fast food joint although you had to order your meal at the counter. They served gourmet burgers, salads, seafood, fries, shakes and even beer and wine. The prices were pretty good considering the meat they used in their burgers.

Our patties, containing no antibiotics or added growth hormones,
are made from vegetarian fed beef raised on family-owned farms
and ranches, and are ground fresh daily.

text from Gott’s Roadside’s site
Gott's Roadside-3

Gott's Roadside-2

Gott's Roadside-1

Gott's Roadside-6

They give you these pagers to let you know when your order is ready for pick up at the counter.
Gott's Roadside-8

Gott's Roadside-4

I was still full from breakfast and all the free samples I tried around the farmers market so I didn’t order anything. I just tried some of the food my friends ordered.
Chinese chicken salad
Chinese chicken salad $9.99

Eileen also ordered sweet potato fries to my joy. I don’t know why they don’t serve sweet potato fries in Manila because I simply love them. The chili spice dusted fries were served with house-made ranch dressing which I didn’t bother with. The fries were perfect on its own- sweet, mildy spiced and crunchy.
sweet potato fries
sweet potato fries $3.99

Mercy and her Italian hubby, Andrea ordered all the food on this tray. Good job Andrea!
Gott's Roadside-15

double cheeseburger
double cheeseburger $10.99

Andrea was kind enough to give a little piece of his burger to taste and I liked it! The meat was chunky and juicy without being greasy. It had a good beefy flavor. Gott's Roadside-16

Mercy had the fish tacos made from mahi mahi fish. I didn’t try it but she said it was good.
fish tacos
fish tacos $12.99

I didn’t like the garlic fries as much as the sweet potato fries. I liked the buttery garlic taste but the fries were a bit hard and not crisp.
garlic fries
garlic fries $3.99

Gott's Roadside-11
daily soup special $3.49

Angie came late and ordered the soup, Chinese chicken salad and this deadly, delicious, fantastic espresso bean milkshake. We all had a sip and Andrea loved it so much he lined up and bought his own chocolate shake. I liked the espresso bean more. Think frappucino times 10. The shake and the sweet potato fries were my favorites.
Gott's Roadside-17
espresso bean shake $5.99

Too bad our other classmates weren’t able to make it. I hope to see you girls again soon!
Gott's Roadside-18
Angie, me, Mercy and Eileen

Gott’s Roadside
1 Ferry Building, Space #6
San Francisco, Ca 94111
telephone: (415) 318-3423

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