Dinner at King’s Dumpling

pan fried pork buns
There were so many dining options to choose from at The One but  finally we chose King’s Dumpling.

King’s Dumpling is a popular restaurant chain from Shenzhen where they have many branches.
King's Dumplings

They offer Taiwanese food just like Crytal Jade and many others. It seems Taiwanese food is popping up in Hong Kong and Manila from the ubiquitous milk tea and chicken chops to restaurants serving dumplings and dan dan noodles.
King's Dumplings-1

King's Dumplings-2

King's Dumplings-3

King's Dumplings-4

King's Dumplings-5

We started the meal with a bowl of beef soup. The soup was lukewarm at best so we had it reheated. The beef was mildly spicy and very tender. The soup was very, very flavorful. It seemed like they boiled the soup for a long time.
braised beef soup
braised beef soup HK$46

The noodles were al dente which was a big plus. The soup was medium spicy and it lacked a more peanuty taste.
Taiwan style dan dan noodles
Taiwan style dan dan noodles HK$27

The fried dumplings were one of the best I’ve tried. The skin was thin and the bottom was super crispy.
pan fried hotbed chives dumplings
pan fried hotbed chives dumplings HK$36

I loved the presentation of the fried pork buns. It came in a hot iron pan with it’s own little turner. But that’s all I liked about it. There was barely any pork filling I could taste. It was mostly bun.
pan fried pork buns
pan fried pork buns HK$36

sauteed eel w/ hotbed chives
sauteed eel w/ hotbed chives HK$68

8 treasures rice pudding
8 treasures rice pudding HK$34

The sweet glutinous rice pudding had a filling of mashed red beans. Yummy and not too sweet.
special glutinous rice pudding

King's Dumplings-14

We didn’t order the xiao long bao anymore since we were getting tired of eating xiao long bao all the time. Overall the food was ok. The prices were pretty decent too. They had an extensive menu with many, many other things I wanted to try.
King's Dumplings-15

King's Dumplings-16

King's Dumplings-17


King’s Dumpling
4/F, L404, The ONE,
100 Nathan Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
telephone: +852-2489-8066

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