Madrid: Chocolateria San Gines

Chocolateria San Gines- churros con chocolate €3,70 (1)
Paella ✓ cochinillo ✓ sangria ✓ tapas ✓ the only thing left on our food craving list was churros con chocolate.  It was our last night in Madrid and we desperately wanted churros so we went to the where the guide books recommended, the oldest chocolateria in Madrid, Chocolateria San Gines.

Living in the Philippines I’ve been exposed to Spanish food all my life. I remember when I was young my favorite snack was churros con chocolate from La Cibeles in Greenhills. Raise your hand if you’re old enough to remember that place. When that closed Dulcinea came into the scene and the presence of churros prevailed. When my cousins come home from the US churros from Dulcinea is a must.

We wanted to try the real and authentic churros and see how it compares to the ones in Manila.

The procedure at the popular chocaleteria was to line up at the entrance, place your order and pay for it then sit at a table and wait for your freshly fried churros or fried choux pastry.
Chocolateria San Gines

Chocolateria San Gines-003

Chocolateria San Gines-001

Chocolateria San Gines-002

Chocolateria San Gines menu

We saw a guy cooking churros non-stop in the kitchen. The churros comes out as one whole long, circular pastry.
Chocolateria San Gines- churros-001

This guy is in  charge of cutting the pastry into long stips. An order has 6 pieces of churros.
Chocolateria San Gines- churros

We were greedy and had 2 orders of churros.
Chocolateria San Gines- churros-002

My friend who just came from Spain told me not all places cook churros on site. Most places have churros delivered to them already cooked and they serve it to the customers either warm if you’re lucky or hard and cold which my friend experienced first hand.

The churros we had was hot and fresh but we were a bit disappointed with the oily and salty churros. The chocolate was thick and sweet but I found it lacking in intensity. I wanted it more chocolatey and preferably more bitter. It tasted just a little better than milk chocolate.

For those who are trying churros for the first time this would probably satisfy them. I’m sorry to say it didn’t meet my churros standard.
Chocolateria San Gines- churros con chocolate €3,70
chocolate con churros €3,70

Chocolateria San Gines-009

Chocolateria San Gines-010

Chocolateria San Gines
Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5 · 28013
telephone: +34 91 365 6546
Big Groups Booking Phone : +34 91 366 3733
Open everyday from 9.00 am. untill late night.

8 thoughts on “Madrid: Chocolateria San Gines

  1. Leslie, in San Francisco Mission St. where it a Latino neighborhood we get Mexican style churros. It coated with cinnamon sugar sometime chocolate sauce for dipping. There a few Mexican bakeries on Mission St.


  2. I had Churros in Madrid and they were Yummy. The chocolate was nice and thick and the churros crispy and not oily. I even had ensaymada, it was the flat type…you dip i in the chocolate…it would just make you smile. The place was really run down looking, not like the place you wen in Madrid, but the Churros con Chocolate and the ensaymad was worth it. Sofitel Manila used to have Churros in the buffet…that was good…hit or miss lang kasi sometime too oily.I enjoy reading your blog.


  3. My husband and I also didn’t find the Chocolateria San Gines’ churros and chocolate impressive. The hot choco was thick but not chocolatey enough; and you’re right, the churros was a bit greasy. I also think Dulcinea’s churros and hot chocolate are better. This Chocolateria was even featured in one of Samantha Brown’s episode!


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