Lunch at Xiao Nan Guo Premier 小南國壹號

wok-fried prime angus beef w/ wild mushrooms
Whenever we go to One Peking, the swanky building across Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui that houses some of the world’s top designer brands, we always eat in Hutong or Aqua Tokyo. Finally we got to try a restaurant at the 10th floor called Xiao Nan Guo Premier.

Xiao Nan Guo Premiere

Xiao Nan Guo Premiere-1

Just like other restaurants in the building, they took full advantage of the marvelous view of the Hong Kong harbour.
Xiao Nan Guo Premiere-2

We were given a private room for our big group at no extra cost. In Hutong their prime tables commanded a minimum tab of at least HK$2,500.
Xiao Nan Guo Premiere-3

It was a very posh restaurant.
Xiao Nan Guo Premiere-5

The black chopsticks were for eating with while the beige chopsticks were for getting food.
Xiao Nan Guo Premiere-6

Simply sautéed river shrimps are a Shanghainese specialty. However these were just ok. They lacked the flavor and crispness of Wu Kong’s shrimps.
sauteed shrimp
sautéed fresh shrimp

The beef was awesome! It was very tender and the flavor was superb. It was the best dish we had.
wok-fried prime angus beef w/ wild mushrooms
wok-fried prime angus beef w/ wild mushrooms HK$148

This is a common salad found in Shanghainese restaurants but this was the first time I had it with lettuce. Usually it just had clear noodles and shredded chicken. I liked it even better this way. Their sesame dressing was thick, a bit sweet and so nutty. Perfection!
shredded chicken, clear noodles & sesame dressing
shredded chicken, clear noodles & sesame dressing HK$68

The food headed downhill from here. The pork was bland and a bit tough. It didn’t taste as good as it looks in the picture. Most of the dishes were placed on top of food warmers. Nice touch!
grandma's braised pork belly w/ bean curd sheet
grandma’s braised pork belly w/ bean curd sheet HK$128

The signature noodles were dry and again, bland.
braised signature noodles
braised signature noodles HK$48

The hairy crab roe cream was delicious but it needed a generous splash of soy sauce. The rice below had a nice toasted crunch at the bottom.
hairy crab roe cream & rice in hot stone bowl
hairy crab roe cream & rice in hot stone bowl HK$88 per bowl

I didn’t like the signature fried rice either. It was topped with cubes of marinated and mildly spicy tofu cubes. Nothing great about it. These three signature dishes were prominently photographed in their menu that’s why we ordered them only to be disappointed. It was a good thing we only ordered a bowl each for everyone to share.
signature fried rice
signature fried rice HK$48 per bowl

I didn’t try the xiao long bao but the kids devoured them quickly so I guess they were good.
xiao long bao
xiao long bao, 3 pcs. for HK$36

Both of the veggies were good though. It would be hard to massacre vegetables right?
wok-fried spicy string beans & minced pork
wok-fried spicy string beans & minced pork HK$88

Xiao Nan Guo Premiere-16

If you want to eat Chinese food in a beautiful ambiance with first class service and prices to match then this is the place to go to.

But if you want to eat fantastic Shanghainese food in a restaurant with NO view and decent prices then do yourself a favor and run to Wu Kong. No if or buts about it.
Xiao Nan Guo Premiere-17
my assistant in taking pictures, Michelle

Xiao Nan Guo Premiere menu-25

The full menu including gorgeous pictures here.

Xiao Nan Guo Premier  小南國壹號
10/F, One Peking, 1 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
telephone: +852 2527 8899

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