Hairy Crab Dinner at Wu Kong

It’s funny but I’ve eaten at Wu Kong, one of my favorite restaurants in Hong Kong, so many times but I’ve never tried their hairy crab set until Jin convinced me that I shouldn’t miss it. Shanghai hairy crab set HK$468 If you don’t want to order the whole set you can order it aContinue reading “Hairy Crab Dinner at Wu Kong”

456 Modern Shanghai Cuisine at The Venetian Macao

The first time we ate at 456 Modern Shanghai Cuisine was in 2010 and we loved it so much we made sure to eat there again last December. The restaurant was located at The Venetian’s St. Mark’s Square. The soup was the only dish we previously ordered. Green Vegetable & Mandarin Fish Soup MOP$45 perContinue reading “456 Modern Shanghai Cuisine at The Venetian Macao”

Fabulous Lunch at Wu Kong

Wu Kong is one of our favorite restaurants in Hong Kong. We eat there at least once per trip sometimes more. I can guarantee that whatever you order it will be good. No hit or miss in this restaurant.You can order this refreshing drink made with fresh pear and longan either hot or cold.pear &Continue reading “Fabulous Lunch at Wu Kong”

Hot Pot Lunch at Wu Kong

Ever since I introduced my friend Elizabeth to one of my favorite restaurants in Tsim Sha Tsui it is now her on her list of ‘must-eat’ in Hong Kong. Wu Kong is a Shanghainese restaurant that serves the BEST xiao long bao in my opinion. Yes even better than Din Tai Fung (Hong Kong).Elizabeth alsoContinue reading “Hot Pot Lunch at Wu Kong”

Christmas Eve at Xiao Nan Guo Premier

We had Christmas eve dinner with good family friends and some guests from the USA at Xiao Nan Guo Premier. We had lunch there a couple of days before and knew that our host would enjoy the food and specially the ambiance and view. So our reservation at Intercon’s Harbourside was canceled and we hadContinue reading “Christmas Eve at Xiao Nan Guo Premier”

Lunch at Xiao Nan Guo Premier 小南國壹號

Whenever we go to One Peking, the swanky building across Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui that houses some of the world’s top designer brands, we always eat in Hutong or Aqua Tokyo. Finally we got to try a restaurant at the 10th floor called Xiao Nan Guo Premier. Just like other restaurants in theContinue reading “Lunch at Xiao Nan Guo Premier 小南國壹號”

Xia Fei Shanghainese

I’m going to interrupt my blog entries of US restaurants with a series of new restaurants I tried in Hong Kong on my trip last October.During the Christmas holiday season a lot of Filipinos flock to Hong Kong for a quick vacation. Just 1.5 hours by air from Manila, the weather in Hong Kong isContinue reading “Xia Fei Shanghainese”