Donq Bakery

Donq Bakery - Spinach & Cheese Rustique-6
Carbs. I love carbs. I realized I can stop eating rice but my downfall in Hong Kong is bread. Specially from bakeries with open displays that give you a tray and tongs to help yourself to all their glorious creations.

I have a lot of favorite bakeries in Hong Kong. There’s Panash where I buy pao de queijo or Brazilian cheese bread made from cassava flour and is gluten free. These are also popular in Portugal and Argentina.

Pão de Queijo  
(photo from, click on link for recipe)

Little Mermaid is where I buy those triple chocolate sticky donut.

Last December I vowed not to go near these two bakeries and I succeeded.

When I go to Hong Kong I stay in Kowloon side and go to Hong Kong side only for 2 stores, Ikea and Sogo.  In Sogo my last stop is always Donq, a bakery in the basement level right outside the supermarket.

Last December I caved in and went to Donq to buy my favorite Spinach and Cheese Rustique.

Pardon the quality of the pictures below. I just used my iPhone’s camera.
Donq Bakery - Spinach & Cheese Rustique

My favorite bread can be found right at the entrance of Donq in the covered case on the right side of the picture below.
Donq Bakery - Spinach & Cheese Rustique-1

Donq Bakery - Spinach & Cheese Rustique-2

I’ve tried several sweet and savory breads from Donq and I can assure you they are all good. As part of my sacrifice and diet (?) I limited myself to buy just one kind.
Donq Bakery - Spinach & Cheese Rustique-4

Donq Bakery - Spinach & Cheese Rustique-5

Yes I bought 5 pieces of Spinach and Cheese Rustique. That’s how much I love this really crusty bread with chunks of cheddar cheese and whole spinach leaves.

Pop them in the toaster oven and the cheese melts slightly and the crust is perfectly crunchy and the inside in soft and pillowy. I’m sure a pat of butter would be wonderful on it. But I’ve never tried it. It’s ‘bad’ enough as it is.

This is actually a rather big piece. If I eat one whole for breakfast I’m full until lunch. So usually I just eat half. I sometimes bring them home to Manila and store them in the freezer.
Donq Bakery - Spinach & Cheese Rustique-3
Spinach & Cheese Rustique HK$12

If dry, crusty bread isn’t your type then try any of Donq’s soft, sweet or savory breads. They have ones with cheese, tuna, hotdog, potato fillings as well as red bean, green tea and many more. I hope they never open in Kowloon or else I’m doomed.

B2 Flr. Sogo
Hennessy Road 555,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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