Lobby Lounge, InterContinental Hotel Hong Kong

French burger
Our friends who were staying at the InterContinental hotel invited us for a light dinner at the Lobby Lounge.

Even though the weather was chilly we didn’t mind the short walk when we can see images like these.

I took this picture while standing on the steps going to the hotel. It shows part of Sheraton hotel on the right and the majestic Peninsula hotel in the middle.
Intercontinental HK's Lobby Lounge-1

This was the walkway to the hotel’s entrance.
Intercontinental HK's Lobby Lounge-2

The view of the Hong Kong harbour just behind the hotel.
Intercontinental HK's Lobby Lounge-3

This was the awesome view from the Lobby Lounge. There was a choir singing Christmas carols too.
Intercontinental HK's Lobby Lounge-4

This is the best place to watch the nightly 13 minute laser light show ‘A Symphony of Lights‘  eery evening at 8:00 pm. The music and sounds are piped in to the sound system so you won’t miss anything outside.
Intercontinental HK's Lobby Lounge-5

Tea was served in classy and heavy silver pots.
Intercontinental HK's Lobby Lounge-6

My ‘light’ dinner didn’t turn out to be light after I ordered a French burger since this was my only chance to eat foie gras for the whole trip.
<a cricru="" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/cricru/5351290899/&quot; http:="" photos="" title="French burger-1
French burger HK$270

Unfortunately, it looked better than it tasted. When I ate the burger with the foie gras I couldn’t distinguish the nuances of the foie gras. I ended up eating the foie gras by itself. It was just average.

The burger wasn’t tasty at all. It didn’t have the beefy steak taste I look for in burgers. At least it didn’t have any extenders and it was 100% beef. A good dose of gravy and the fabulous hot, hot horseradish mustard made it more palatable. 
French burger-2
topped w/ pan seared foie gras

The fries with truffle oil was just fantastic! It was so fragrant and  scrumptious. The plain fries of the others paled in comparison by a mile. What a few drops of truffle oil can do is amazing.
truffle oil french fries
truffle oil french fries

The remains of my plate. Burger and fries all gone, bread all there.
French burger-4

Every night while I was shivering in Hong Kong I craved for hot chocolate but timing was always against me. When I saw the boozed up version on the menu I immediately ordered it.
dark chocolate flake
dark chocolate flake HK$138

Dark Chocolate Flake – homemade hot chocolate, spiced rum, grand marnier, amaretto covered with milk foam and 24k gold foil.
dark chocolate flake-1

It was orange dark chocolate liquid love with strong, strong booze. It was the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.  I wish I skipped the burger and just had 2 glasses of this.
dark chocolate flake-2

Intercon HK's Lobby Lounge menu

Intercon HK's Lobby Lounge menu-1

pdf menus of the Lobby Lounge

InterContinental Hong Kong

18 Salisbury Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
telephone: +852 2721 1211

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