Purple Oven

Purple Oven-001
I’ve heard about Purple Oven and always wanted to try their products. I finally went to their Oranbo, Pasig branch. It’s behind Dahlia motel in case you have a hard time looking for it.

Purple Oven

All the products are displayed on tables and the chiller and their staff follow you around to get your order which you then pick up at the cashier.
Purple Oven-002

I never knew they also had savory baked goods. I bought the sausage quiche and the chicken curry turnover. They were both just satisfactory. Nothing I would really buy again.
ham & cheese roll P50, sausage quiche, quiche Lorraine, quiche tinapa P85 chicken curry turnover P70
ham & cheese roll P50, sausage quiche, quiche Lorraine, quiche tinapa P85 chicken curry turnover P70


I liked the Spanish chorizo turnover better except for the slices of hard boiled egg inside. Remember I don’t like eggs? The crust was flaky when heated properly in the toaster oven.
Spanish chorizo turnover P70 tuna turnover P70
Spanish chorizo turnover P70 tuna turnover P70

ensaymada P60
ensaymada P60

cheese roll P45 soft cinnamon roll P60

cheese roll P45 soft cinnamon roll P60

fudge brownies 32 pcs P450
fudge brownies P260/16 pcs. P450/32 pcs.

I bought half a box of lemon bars because a popular blogger raved about it. True it had a very, very good buttery crust and the filling had a smooth and silky texture. But it didn’t have ANY lemon flavor at all!! If you didn’t know what this was you wouldn’t even guess it had citrus flavor. It should have been called sugar bar since it was a tad too sweet for my taste. It would have been perfect with MORE lemon juice. After eating a piece and sharing some with my staff I kept the rest in the freezer. It can be eaten straight from the freezer too.
lemon bars 16 pcs P260 32 pcs P450
lemon bars P260/16 pcs. P450/32 pcs.

revel bars 32 pcs P450
revel bars P260/16 pcs. P450/32 pcs.

food for the gods 16 pcs P260
food for the gods P260/16 pcs. P450/32 pcs.

The main reason for my visit to Purple Oven was to try the chocolate macadamia cookies recommended by one of my readers. Alas, they were out of stock. I have to go back for that.

chocolate crinkles P250:12 pcs. chocolate dipped cookies P260 8 pcs

chocolate crinkles P250/12 pcs. chocolate dipped cookies P260/8 pcs.

assorted loaf cakes
assorted loaf cakes

chocolate lava cake P450: 6 pcs.
chocolate lava cake P450/6 pcs.

chocolate campfire cake P600
chocolate campfire cake P600

My co-workers love their chocolate cake.
Grandma's chocolate cake P600
Grandma’s chocolate cake P600

merry cherry torte P780 chocnut pie P680
merry cherry torte P780 chocnut pie P680

Purple Oven-004

I find their packaging a bit wasteful. They put each flavor of the turnover in it’s own bag when they could have all fit in one bag. It’s not as if the bag was labelled with the name of the product.

Overall I wasn’t very impressed with the products I bought. I still want to try the chocolate macadamia cookies though. What else is good in Purple Oven? Share your favorites please.
Purple Oven-005

Purple Oven menu
Purple Oven menu (click to enlarge)

Purple Oven
63 St. Peter St. Oranbo, Pasig
telephone: (02) 631-4221

San Antonio Arcade, 50 McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
telephone: (02)9101364

YMCA Bldg., 7 Sacred Heart St. San Antonio, Makati

Solenad 2, Tagaytay Rd cor Nuvali Blvd. Santa Rosa, Laguna

19 thoughts on “Purple Oven

  1. i love their revel bars, campfire and merry cherry torte. but the cake you have there isn’t the merry cherry torte i love. i think mislabelled


  2. They opened in San Antonio and i bought the cinnamon roll, carrot loaf, banana loaf and food for the gods. Nothing to rave about ;-(


  3. Love their cinnamon roll and carrot cake. It’s not too sweet at all. I enjoy the icing on top. The apple walnut is delicious and quite moist.


  4. I finally got the chance to drop by at their San Antonio Village branch. The shop was nice and clean. The cakes all look so delicious… The sad part is they dont selll per slice. How can you order a whole cake if you’ve not even tried it yet? I bought the chocolate-macadamia cookies, 6 pcs at P260+. I was expecting it to taste really special considering the price but ended feeling disappointed. It was too sweet for me, not really something I’d buy again.
    Still curious about the cakes though… Particularly the Lemon Torte Cake.
    I also bought their quiche, crust was right, i liked that it had basil but the filling was too creamy for my liking.


      1. Don’t buy from them anymore, they are not really consistent and for me buying from them is just a waste of money on junk food. They are not the supplier of starbucks anymore, maybe it’s because of their inconsistency. Like their choco macadamia cookies, the last time my husband bought a box it was crumbly! Waste of money indeed!!!


    1. Their cakes are not that yummy, and i don’t know why they don’t want to reconsider selling a cake per piece. And they are not really consistent, so it’s better not to waste your money buying from them. Not really worth it.


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