Kanin Club again!

sinangag na sinigang
It’s hasn’t even been a month since the last time I ate at Kanin Club and two weeks ago I brought my aunt and uncle and a couple of their friends. All of them were from Texas. It’s now my favorite place to bring balikbayans and foreigners to eat Filipino food.

Kanin Club

I ordered my favorite dishes from the first time I ate at Kanin Club. As expected they all raved about the green mango salad, crispy dinuguan and seafood kare kare.
Kanin Club favorites
Kanin Club favorites

My friend Carmela who lives in the USA but eats at Kanin Club every time she comes home suggested the following dishes.

I tried the tinapa (smoked fish) and aligue (crab fat) rice before and I wasn’t that impressed. But the sinangag na sinigang I really, really like.

Sinigang is basically sour soup. Kanin Club deconstructed the soup’s components and successfully translated it into a rice dish. The fried rice was slightly sour and very appetizing. The rice was topped with thin slices of boiled liempo (pork belly) and tempura vegetables. This rice went really well with the fried fish.
sinangag na sinigang-1
sinangag na sinigang  P224

I expected the whole fried tilapia to be crunchy instead it was soft and had just the slightest crisp to it. They all loved the fish and ate it all the way down to the bones. Even the head and tail didn’t escape their attention.
binukadkad na tilapia
binukadkad na tilapia P246
binukadkad na tilapia-1

I’m not a big halo halo fan so I just asked my aunt if I could try a spoonful of her halo halo. I don’t know what makes this halo halo different but it’s the best I’ve ever eaten asides from Razon’s minimalist halo halo. The ingredients were abundant with just the right quantity of milk and ice to bind everything together into a creamy, sweet and delectable dessert. Even the Arce corn ice cream was just perfect with it.
halo halo
halo halo P150

I wasn’t able to try their special turon before so I made sure to order it right away. An order of KC turon has two pieces. What you see below is two orders which yielded 8 cut up pieces. 
KC turon-1
KC turon P94

Regular turon (banana spring rolls) contained saba (banana) and langka (jackruit). Their version of turon was inspired from halo halo. It also contained ube (mashed purple yam), macapuno (coconut sport), and red beans. Imagine fried halo halo rolls!
KC turon

The four balikbayans loved it.  I on the other hand found it confusing to my palate. There wasn’t a single ingredient that stood out. I enjoyed munching the crunchy caramel coating and turon skin more.
KC turon-2

As much as we all loved all the food and dessert we were all disappointed with the unusually slow service.

We were one of the first to arrive and order in the restaurant but all the tables around us who arrived much later were served first. We had to keep following up on our orders which came out sporadically. By the time all our food was served most of the people around us had already left.

But I’m not letting that stop me from enjoying Kanin Club’s creative and delicious take on Filipino food.

Kanin Club’s menu

Kanin Club
Ayala Triangle Gardens

Paseo de Roxas, Makati City
telephone: 621-6109

Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna
telephone: (049)544-0332

Westgate, Alabang
telephone: 771-1400

telephone: 332-5978

3 thoughts on “Kanin Club again!

  1. Two weeks ago when my niece brought us & couple of friends to Kanin Club, we were impressed with the food & also the KC Turrone & Halo Halo even if the service is very SLOW.Today I brought my sisters to try the food I am raving about but was very discouraged with their Turrone which is not hot or crispy & the filling is mostly purple yam, the saba (banana) is tough. When we complain, the waiter took it back but it came back worse than the first time.  The turrone wrapper is chewy, cold, & tough.   The halo halo is not as good as the other time we had.  More ice than the ingredients.We were discouraged as I have been telling them how good it is!!   Wish they will be more consistent so we can be more confident to bring visitors back.From a Balikbayan aunt  


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