My Birthday Celebrations at Lugang Cafe

Last September  I celebrated my birthday.  Last September I ate at Lugang Cafe three times. Why?  I wanted my friends to try the new dishes as well as my favorites at Lugang Cafe.The first time was lunch with my Ateneo buddies. Only Len Len had previously eaten at Lugang. It was Tes and Rizette’s firstContinue reading “My Birthday Celebrations at Lugang Cafe”

Shopping and Eating in Hong Kong: Hankow and Ashley Roads

One of the best places to shop and eat in Hong Kong is at Tsim Sha Tsui or TST. Most Filipino tourists are very familiar with Harbour City where all the brands are under one roof. But there is much more to TST than Harbour City. One of my favorite streets is Hankow Road whichContinue reading “Shopping and Eating in Hong Kong: Hankow and Ashley Roads”

Last meal in Hong Kong at Chuk Yuen

After nearly 2 weeks in Hong Kong it was time to go back home to Manila. We will miss the cool weather and the fantastic food. Time to diet and hit the gym full blast.There’s was no question where we would eat lunch and our last meal in Hong Kong. We wanted to eat theContinue reading “Last meal in Hong Kong at Chuk Yuen”

Lunch at Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant

Chuk Yuen is, imho, the best place to eat dim sum in Hong Kong, well in Tsim Sha Tsui anyway. First they have an English menu for you to place a tick mark on what you want to order. Trust me this is not common practice. A lot of restaurants have only Chinese menus. DimContinue reading “Lunch at Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant”