Doggie Play Date

Pomeranians & a Dachshund-6
I didn’t feel like writing about restaurants so I’ll write about my dogs instead. Last Saturday night my doggies had a play date with Hans, a miniature Dachshund.

I wanted to see if the Pomeranians will get along with a Dachshund so I asked Jay to bring his dog to our house.

The first few minutes went well until the 5 month old hyperactive doxie started sniffing and riding and humping my 10 year old Pom, Chino. It went haywire when Cholo, the other Pom started growling at the super playful Hans.
Poms & a Dachshund

Pat and her son loved cool, calm and cuddly Chino. Cholo, in the center pic, loved all the attention Pat gave him.
Poms & a Dachshund 2

Here’s a short video of Chino and Cholo with Hans.

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