Lunch at A Taste of L.A. Cafe

ultra thin garlic lamb pizza-1
It was Db’s turn to treat Rochelle and me for her birthday and she chose to have lunch at A Taste of L.A. I was surprised to learn that it was still open. The last time I ate there was in the late 90s.

When DB suggested A Taste of L.A. I had my doubts then I thought it shouldn’t be too bad since it managed to stay open for 16  years in a fickle restaurant market such as Manila where some restaurants don’t even last for a year.

Bloggers and diners usually race to try new restaurants but it’s also good to return to restaurants like A Taste of L.A. that has been open since 1995.  I remember their fabulous chocolate marquis cake more than anything.

The main entrance of the restaurant was on A. Roces Avenue.
Taste of LA-1

They had several seating areas in this converted house. Another plus is the restaurant remains open the whole day unlike other restaurants that close at 2:00 and reopen at 6:00 pm.
Taste of LA-2

We sat downstairs where it was brighter and better for my pictures.
Taste of LA-3

The lower floor can be accessed from Scout Castor street directly. I prefer this entrance since it had a larger parking area.
Taste of LA-5

Taste of LA-4

Taste of LA
my bffs Rochelle and Db (both skinny and in white)

Vietnamese crab & mushroom spring roll
Vietnamese crab & mushroom spring roll P330

We really liked the compact, stuffed spring rolls specially when wrapped in lettuce and topped with a Thai basil leaf.
Vietnamese crab & mushroom spring roll-1

Pappa al pomodoro is Italian tomato and bread soup or in this case tomato water and that’s putting it nicely. When I tasted Db’s soup I immediately said it tasted like “pinaghugasan ng kamatis” or the water used to rinse tomatoes. Avoid this soup at all cost.
pappa al pomodoro
pappa al pomodoro P220

On the other hand Rochelle’s French onion soup was very good specially the thick layer of emmental and Gruyére cheeses.
French onion soup
French onion soup P310

The salmon belly fries were really crunchy and delicious when paired with the tart calamansi dip.
salmon belly fries
salmon belly fries w/ citron pepper dip P330

Fresh, briny baked oysters with vinegar sauce. Yum!
roasted oysters
roasted oysters P330

Db’s prawns thermidore was quite expensive for two pieces but it was really sinfully good. She gave me a small piece to try and I wanted to finish the whole dish. The prawns were covered with a thick creamy sauce and topped with a thick Gruyére cheese crust.
prawns thermidor
prawns thermidor P520

Rochelle and I shared the ultra, ultra thin crust lamb pizza with chunks of feta cheese, olives, rosemary and mint leaves.
ultra thin garlic lamb pizza
ultra thin garlic lamb pizza P460 + 40 for ultra thin crust

This was my kind of pizza. The lamb was tender and the pizza was bursting with flavor from all the herbs and spices. The crust was so thin it could barely hold the heavy toppings. I will definitely order this again but maybe with the medium thin crust next time.
ultra thin garlic lamb pizza-1

The African date cake was similar to food for the gods. Good but too expensive for the size. I was extremely disappointed that the chocolate marquis and most of the cakes were sold out.
African date cake w/ cinnamon ice cream
African date cake w/ cinnamon ice cream P280

Just by looking at the picture you can tell that the hot chocolate was more milk than chocolate. Pass.
hot chocolate
hot chocolate

This was the last place I would expect to find a bibingka that rivaled my beloved Via Mare bibingka. This was a lighter and more buttery version yet it had the dense, slightly sticky texture that I loved. It was loaded with pieces of salted egg.
old fashioned bibingka-1
old fashioned bibingka P170

Just like any restaurant A Taste of L.A. had it’s hits and misses. The hits were very, very good and the misses were really bad. I’m happy that I rediscovered this old favorite in Quezon City. I actually enjoyed their food more than the newer restaurants in the area. The prices are a bit on the high side though. But I would definitely go back again to try other items from their extensive menu.

A Taste of L.A. menu
oysters & small plates, soup & salad,
fondue, main course & taste of Pinoy, prime cuts & pasta
wood fired pizza, desserts

A Taste of L.A. Cafe  
171 A. Roces Ave. cor. Tomas Morato, Quezon City 
telephone: 374-2461, 415-7911

3 thoughts on “Lunch at A Taste of L.A. Cafe

  1. The place is beautiful and so romantic…..BUT the waiters are atrocious!  One of the worst I tell ya and I’ve been around.  I and my wife swear we will never return.  Stay away from this place until they replace the waiting staff which the owners must if they want this place to continue to get customers.  Im telling my family and friends about our bad experience.  Dont eat here if you dont want to get pissed off.


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