California Crunch Cassava Chips

California Crunch Cassava Chips
I received an email if I wanted to try a new product in the Philippine market, California Crunch cassava chips. I immediately said yes! I love chips and if I could find a healthier option to potato chips than the dreaded baked potato chips then bring them on.

I’ve tried Arico cassava chips, a brand from the USA, and I liked it. I’ve also tried other brands which I didn’t like. California Crunch, just like Arico (now named Crisproot) is made in Indonesia and is available in two flavors, barbecue and sour cream and onion.
California Crunch Cassava Chips-1

California Crunch Cassava Chips-3

It’s not exactly low calorie since I can finish the whole 120 gram bag in one sitting but at least it is 30% lower in fat and has twice the fiber. Even after eating a whole bag there isn’t a single trace of oil on my fingers.
California Crunch Cassava Chips-2

Of the two flavors my favorite is the barbecue.
California Crunch Cassava Chips-4

Even if the color is a bright orange I’m simply addicted to the taste. At first bite you taste a sweet flavor which turns into a slow heat that tingles the tongue. It’s really amazing how they achieved this complex flavor. I would choose this over regular potato chips any day since there is no potato chip I’ve tried with a similar taste.
California Crunch Cassava Chips-5

The sour cream variant is good too but not as exciting as the barbecue. If you can’t stand a little heat then this one is for you.
California Crunch Cassava Chips-6

The taste and texture of cassava chips will never beat potato chips for the most basic reason that it contains less starch. That’s what make potato chips so delicious. But for a healthier alternative that will make you forget potato chips for a while California Crunch cassava chips is definitely the one to try.

California Crunch cassava chips is currently available at SM Supermarkets and Hypermart for P44.50 each. Hopefully it will be available in other supermarkets soon.

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