Dessert at La Crêperie

double chocolate fudge brownie crepe
This is what we ate for dessert after lunch at Uncle Cheffy. Yes it’s as good as it looks.

I’ve never eaten at La Crêperie before and since I love crepes it was an easy decision for our dessert place.
La Creperie

La Creperie-2

La Creperie-3

The waiter enthusiastically encouraged me to order the double chocolate fudge brownie crêpe. And so I did!
double chocolate fudge brownie crepe-1

Yup that’s a slice of brownie in the middle of a chocolate crêpe.
double chocolate fudge brownie crepe-2

Just a brownie inside. No cream, sauce or anything else.
double chocolate fudge brownie crepe-3

The presentation was lovely. The crêpe was topped with La Creperie’s homemade chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The crêpe was very rich but surprisingly not too sweet. The brownie was chewy on the outside and soft and fudgy on the inside. It tasted more like a chocolate lava cake wrapped with a crêpe.  It was simple, decadent and oh so delicious.
double chocolate fudge brownie crepe-4
double chocolate fudge brownie crêpe P225

They carried TWG tea which came from Singapore. The waiter recommended the Silver Moon tea and brought the huge tin of loose leaf tea for us to smell. It smelled really fruity.

TWG’s website describes the tea as “A TWG blend of green teas is accented with a grand berry and vanilla bouquet, suave, with just a hint of spice. A tea for that special moment.”
TWG tea

Even though the tea was made with a green tea base I found it very light. I’m used to a stronger brew of green tea like those served in Japanese restaurants. But it was good together with the sinfully rich crêpe.
TWG tea-2
Silver Moon tea, small pot P145

TWG tea-1

La Creperie menu

La Creperie menu-1

I wish we ate lunch here instead. There were several savory crêpes that caught my eye.
La Creperie menu-2

La Creperie menu-3

La Creperie menu-4

Based on how good the dessert crêpe was I can’t wait to go back to try their savory crêpes as well as other sweet crepes specifically the salted caramel crepe

La Creperie
2/L Eastwood Mall Veranda
E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.
Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila
telephone: 709-2446

6 thoughts on “Dessert at La Crêperie

  1. I’ve been looking for good dessert joints like this! I will definitely go to this place! It looks so inviting!


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