Dinner at Feng Wei Wee

Taiwan fried rice
This is the best fried rice I’ve ever eaten.

I never got the chance to eat at Feng Wei Wee when it was turo-turo (literally point-point) style. They used to have a variety of ready cooked dishes for you to choose from.
Feng Wei Wee

I’m happy that they renovated and is now a full-pledged restaurant.
Feng Wei Wee-1

Feng Wei Wee-2

I never liked whole dumplings that are fried. I much prefer the type where only the bottom of the dumpling is fried like with Japanese gyoza or Chinese potstickers. But these weren’t bad at all. It wasn’t greasy and the filling was tasty.
fried dumplings
fried dumplings P120 (8 pieces)

For me the best bihon or vermicelli is one with stewed pork leg either homemade or from the can. And so far other than our cook’s bihon the best is from Mann Hann.
Taiwan bihon
Taiwan bihon P200

The steamed pork was simple and ok.
steamed pork
steamed pork P140

The oysters were fresh and plump but there was a flavor that I couldn’t place that I didn’t like. It tasted like cumin or curry powder or something like that. It was a bit off for this dish.
sizzling oyster tausi
sizzling oyster tausi P230

I did like the fried egg on the sizzling plate.
sizzling oyster tausi-1

While eating the other dishes we couldn’t help but compare them to Lugang Cafe or Mann Hann but when the fried rice arrived and I ate my first spoonful all comparisons ended.

The rice was perfectly season, the grains were fluffy and not too soft or too hard and the Taiwan sausage added a little bit of sweetness. The rice they used came from Taiwan. Maybe that’s why it was so good. I forgot all the other viands and just ate the fried rice. It was that heavenly. An order is good for 3-4 people or 2 really hungry rice lovers.
Taiwan fried rice-1
Taiwan fried rice P250

The 3 cups chicken was a disappointment and a far, far cry from the Lugang Cafe’s delicious version.
3 cups chicken
3 cups chicken P250

sauteed green mustard
sauteed green mustard P180

The mushroom soup was unique and pretty good.
steamed herb mushroom soup
steamed herb mushroom soup P380

The lapu lapu was fresh but just a tad overcooked and gummy. But not bad for a small restaurant. I’ve tasted much worse from some big, famous Chinese restaurants in Manila.
steamed live fish
steamed live fish (lapu lapu)

For dessert I ordered a glass of milk tea w/ sagu (tapioca or sago) since the manager assured me it was their bestseller.
milk tea w/ sagu
milk tea w/ sagu P100

I looked like a goldfish with all my effort trying to drink the tea when I looked at the end of my straw to see all the sago stuck.


The sago was a congealed mess! When I finally got to taste the milk tea I found it too sweet and barely any tea taste.

The manager changed my order and promised to make the tea stronger and less sweet. Alas it was still mostly sweet milk. I can’t wait for Gong Cha to open in Mall of Asia soon so everyone can try what really good and authentic milk tea tastes like.

Overall the food wasn’t that great but the prices were really very reasonable. But you MUST go try the Taiwan fried rice! Maybe they have other dishes that will taste better. I will definitely go back for the fried rice again and again and again. I hope they cook it consistently or else I might read negative comments soon.

Feng Wei Wee menu
appetizer, main dish, soup & vegetables, clay pot (sizzling)/rice,
dessert, noodles & snacks

Feng Wei Wee Taiwan Cuisine
Unit 2 Madison Square Wilson
229 Wilson St. Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila
telephone: 723-2039, 571-8955

82 Banawe St. cor. Samat St. Quezon City
telephone: 731-3112, 412-5435

5 thoughts on “Dinner at Feng Wei Wee

  1. i used to eat here all the time (like maybe 3x a week!) before it got renovated.  it was my in-laws’ fave lunch place and the taiwanese family who owns it was very friendly to us.  super good and personalized service.  for some reason we haven’t gone back since it re-opened.  the food for me is like very good lutong-bahay comfort food.  a little bit oily, but perfect if you’re looking for something satisfying and unpretentious.  do they still have the shaved ice dessert?  that was my super favorite.  btw, lugang for me is ok too but SUPER overrated and over-hyped.  in contrast, feng wei wee is good but underrated.  i’m glad it was finally featured on a blog, it’s about time someone wrote about it.so now it’s not turo-turo anymore?  as in waiters come to you at your table with menus?  sosyal!  =)


  2. their original banawe branch remains canteen style which i like better. while waiting for gong cha to open you can try out Chatime at pioneer center, another taiwanese franchise. 


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