Muang Sing Elephant Village

elephant village muang sing-7
Our final destination was the Muang Sing Elephant Village in Kanchanaburi. The weather was still a bit cool so it was just the perfect time to ride elephants.

elephant village muang sing
entrance to the elephant village

elephant village muang sing-1

Elephants and their mahout (handler) wait near the boarding area.
elephant village muang sing-2

I had a chance to ride directly on my elephant and it was prickly and itchy. After a few minutes I went back to my seat where I felt safer and more comfortable.
elephant skin

The mahout used his feet to nudge the elephant’s ears indicating his commands.
elephant's ears

elephant's trunk

We passed by two elephants doing tricks for the tourists. We forgot to go there after our ride.
elephant village muang sing-6

The show was over by the time we finished our ride. 
elephant village muang sing-19

elephant village muang sing-9

During the 45 minute ride, our elephants stopped several times to eat.
elephant village muang sing-5

The other elephant used her strong trunk to rip off the leaves and branches from the tree.
elephant village muang sing-10

elephant village muang sing-11

Now this is what I call a good mahout (elephant handler)!
elephant village muang sing-13

elephant village muang sing-14

Piles and piles of elephant poop lined the path.
elephant poop

My elephant was the youngest at 7 years old. She was very, very playful and did several tricks whenever her mahout said some magic words. Looking for peanuts? I just loved Kate’s expression.
elephant village muang sing-16

My elephant really liked Kate.
elephant village muang sing-17

The highlight of the ride was going down the river. Each time our elephants went downhill we held on to our seats for dear life.
elephant village muang sing-20

elephant village muang sing-21

The end of the ride back to where we started. 
elephant village muang sing-22

I tried to give my elephant the tip for the mahout.
elephant village muang sing-23

But she kept blowing it back to me. She needs more training :D.
elephant village muang sing-24

The mahout finally got it!
elephant village muang sing-25

Chris’ elephant saying goodbye.
elephant village muang sing-26

We were served refreshments after. We really thought it was coconut water but it was just plain water and watermelon.
elephant village- refreshments

We really enjoyed the elephant ride. It was one of the highlights of our trip. Next time you go to Thailand you should plan to go to Kanchanaburi and hit the floating market, river kwai, tiger temple and elephant village in one day. It’s possible if you hire your own van. We couldn’t find any tour operator that had all these itineraries in one day. We just regret not going to the tiger temple because we took too much time eating lunch. But all these activities can be done in one day saving you time and money.
elephant village muang sing-28

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