Lunch at Keeree Tara Restaurant

river kwai bridge pier Kanchanaburi
We asked our driver, Cha, if he could recommend a place to eat before we go to our second destination. He brought us to the historic River Kwai bridge.

We looked at the restaurant right next to the bridge called The Floating Restaurant.
The Floating Restaurant, Kanchanaburi

The restaurant had a great view of the bridge. They had a buffet area as well a la carte dining. The buffet wasn’t impressive at all since most of the food was carbs. The prices on the menu were on a high side so we left the restaurant in search of an alternative.
The Floating Restaurant, Kanchanaburi-1

The Floating Restaurant, Kanchanaburi-2

Rochelle and I had had a photo op with the short banana tree before leaving.
The Floating Restaurant, Kanchanaburi-3

Right next door was the Keeree Tara restaurant where we finally had lunch.
Keree Tara Restaurant, Kanchanaburi

I liked this restaurant even more. It had a spectacular view of the river and the place was more modern. It even had a small waterfall in the bathroom. It was also one of the cleanest we’ve used during our entire trip.
Keree Tara Restaurant, Kanchanaburi-1

Keree Tara Restaurant, Kanchanaburi-2

Keree Tara Restaurant, Kanchanaburi-5

We had to sit indoors since the tables outside were too small for us.
Keree Tara Restaurant, Kanchanaburi-3

How can you go wrong with fried golden mushrooms? Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.
fried golden mushroom
fried golden mushroom

This salad made of peanuts, cashews and dried shrimp and squid was everyone’s instant favorite. We’ve never tried anything like this in Manila. Each ingredient had it’s own level of crunchiness and the strong, salty flavors of the dried seafood just complemented the milder nuts.
cashew, peanut & dried seafood salad
cashew, peanut & dried seafood salad

I ordered the smoked sausage thinking it was a special kind of Thai sausage. It tasted just like your average pork sausage.
smoked pork sausage
smoked pork sausage

We  were still dreaming of the fried rice we had the night before so we ordered fried rice again. Even though this fried rice was also served with fresh lime and fish sauce, somehow it wasn’t as good.
fried rice
fried rice

I liked the bagoong (shrimp paste) fried rice much more.
Khao khluk kapi - shrimp paste rice
Khao khluk kapi – shrimp paste rice

The Pad Thai was just ok. It tasted much better with a little sprinkling of sugar. Yes sugar. More on that later.
Pad Thai
Pad Thai

The fish was very delicate and tender and the flavor of the coconut curry sauce was fragrant and delicious but it was way too spicy. I could feel my throat burning as I swallowed. Only Chris was strong enough to consume the spicy fish.
dry curry kang fish
dry curry kang fish

I was so happy that my favorite chicken soup with coconut and ginger wasn’t too spicy.
tom kha kai - galanga chicken soup
tom kha kai – galanga chicken soup

Everywhere we ate these 4 spices were standard on the table. Sugar, dried chili flakes, fish sauce and vinegar (i think). I wondered why there was sugar until I needed it on my noodles. Now I get it.
table spices

We were fascinated with the waiter’s monster ‘crocs’.

All the desserts were actually the same with a coconut cream base and just different contents. Some were soft and chewy, others were crunchy and all of them were fantastic. Cold, sweet and refreshing. My type of dessert.
fantasy trio ball in coconut cream
fantasy trio ball in coconut cream

crispy water chestnut in coconut cream
crispy water chestnut in coconut cream

Siamese fantasy ruby in coconut milk
Siamese fantasy ruby in coconut milk

Keree Tara Restaurant, Kanchanaburi-4

We took our sweet time eating and taking pictures that we arrived at the Tiger Temple at 3:30 to find it closed already. We didn’t know that they close daily at 3:15 pm. We were so disappointed. We really wanted to play around with the cute tiger cubs.

Keeree Tara Restaurant
43 / 1, Tha Makham, Muang Kanchanaburi,
Kanchanaburi 71000 Thailand

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