OXFAM – Grow Campaign


Food. Livelihood. Planet.

Our planet produces enough food for everyone, but today, one billion people will go hungry. This is the scandal of our generation, and at its core is control of the world’s resources in the hands of a small number of people. Hunger is about power. It is estimated that only a few hundred corporations make 70% of the decisions made in the global food system, including decisions about resources like land, water, seeds and farm and fishing technologies.

Grow is Oxfam’s new campaign for better ways to grow, share and live together. A campaign for the billions of us who eat food and over a billion of men and women who grow it, to share solutions for a more hopeful future in which everyone always has enough to eat.

Practical positive change starts with each one of us. Every time we choose food that’s produced fairly and sustainably, every time we cut our carbon footprint, and every time we press governments and companies to change their ways, we’re helping to make good things grow.

Share solutions for food, livelihood and the planet. Join the movement. Let’s grow a better way.

Make Good Things Grow

To realize the vision of a future where everyone always has enough to eat, we have to change the way we grow. We must make practical positive changes in how we produce, consume, share and manage food and other resources.

1.      Growing Better

We can and must invest in new agriculture, so that over a billion small food producers around the planet, many of them women, are no longer starved of the land and resources they need to sustainably grow enough for themselves and for others.

2.      Sharing Better

We can and must transform how we govern the food system – managing markets to prevent food crises, stopping corporate abuses of power, reforming flawed policies at global and national level, and empowering families and communities to respond to shocks and disasters.

3.      Living Better

We can and must build a new prosperity, with better ways to do business, organize our economies and live our lives – an ecological future rich in shared resources, safe from the risks of a changing climate, more equal and well-balanced, valuing what really matters for human progress and future generations. 

Oxfam’s Good Food Lunch
The food we eat has consequences on our planet, on food producers and on ourselves.

Tomorrow, June 10, international non-profit, Oxfam will hold The Good Food Lunch at 12 NN, Bantayog ng mga Bayani, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. Chefs Steph Zubiri, Sau del Rosario, and Tatung Sarthou, and Oxfam Ambassador Cherry Pie Picache will prepare “good food” – dishes using sustainably produced ingredients by poor women leader-farmers and fishers Trinidad Domingo and Ligaya Oria of Nueva Ecija, Rosario Mendoza of Cavite, and Nita Oigoan of Rizal.

Chef Steph Zubiri will serve Onion Soup with Blow-torched Kesong Puti Topping while Oxfam Ambassador Cherry Pie Picache will whip up her version of Sauteed Monggo Beans with Alugbati. Chef Tatung Sarthou will treat guests to Toasted Sitaw and Pureed Kalabasa to go with Mango-glazed Slow-roasted Pork and Spicy Alumahan Maki with Srirachi, Walnut and Apple Salad on Roasted Sesame Dressing will be Chef Sau del Rosario’s offering.

The lunch program will be hosted by Oxfam celebrity endorser Marc Nelson. Media and food bloggers are invited. RSVP Glenn Maboloc, 0928-504-2911 orgmaboloc@oxfam.org.uk .

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