Best Massage at Wat Po

Wat Po
On our third day in Bangkok we went to Wat Po not to see the beautiful temples but to get the best massage ever.

Wat Po -1

Wat Po -2

Wat Po -3

Wat Po -4

Wat Po -5

On the way to the massage center we couldn’t stop taking pictures. They really did a spectacular job with the renovation. Everything was so clean, shiny and sparkly.
Wat Po -6

Wat Po -7

Wat Po -8

Wat Po -9

Wat Po -10

Wat Po -11

We finally found the massage center. It didn’t look like the place my friend Jin described to me. When she went to Wat Po years ago she had her massage in an area without air conditioning and the mats were placed on the floor where customers lay side by side having their massage.
Wat Po Massage Service Center

Wat Po Massage Service Center-1
Wat Po massage prices

We were thrilled that there was now a new massage center that was fully air conditioned and had real beds.
Wat Po Massage Service Center-2

We first had a 50 minute foot massage for 360 baht. We didn’t enjoy it at all. We liked the foot massage at Mr. Feet so much better.
Wat Po Massage Service Center-3

I did like the cream they used for the foot massage. So smooth and silky.
Newsky foot massage cream

There were two buildings with the same lay-out of beds with privacy screens in between.
Wat Po Massage Service Center-5

Wat Po Massage Service Center-6

We were given clean, loose pants to change into. The sheets of the beds were changed with each client. We were so impressed how clean everything was.
Wat Po Massage Service Center-4

The massage was for 1 hour and cost 360 baht. It was not your usual Swedish massage. It was even better than the other Thai massage I’ve had. There was less stretching and pulling.

Instead there was a lot of spot kneading where the masseuse unerringly found all my painful spots and proceeded to use all her strength to make me cry. It was so painful in places I never knew was even painful! To survive the hour of blissful torture and freezing cold I fell asleep. I woke up refreshed, relaxed and free of pain. That is until we stepped out in to the hot, hot reality that is Bangkok.
Wat Po Massage Service Center-7

We were given this cold drink after the massage. Sterculia lychnophora hance anyone? It didn’t taste bad at all. I was just glad to have something cool to drink. 
samrong drink

Where else can you get a better massage than from a world renown Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School? The massage didn’t disappoint. It was one of the highlights of our trip. Be sure to include it in your itinerary too.

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