Batanes Day 1 Part 2 – Vayang Rolling Hills, Basco Lighthouse

Batanes - Vayang Rolling Hills-1
I never thought of myself as a nature lover. Most of my vacations revolve around shopping and eating.

But seeing the Vayang Rolling Hills really amazed me. I enjoyed climbing up the hill so much and seeing the beauty around me.

The top of the hill looked high but the climb was very easy.
Batanes - Vayang Rolling Hills-3

Wherever you look you see such beautiful views.
Batanes - Vayang Rolling Hills

Batanes - Vayang Rolling Hills-2

Batanes - Vayang Rolling Hills-4

Batanes - Vayang Rolling Hills-5

I felt like I was in another country. Ireland perhaps?
Batanes - Vayang Rolling Hills-6

Batanes - Vayang Rolling Hills-7

We enjoyed the cool winds and cloudy weather but I could have used more sunlight for my pictures.
Batanes - Vayang Rolling Hills-8

Batanes - Vayang Rolling Hills-9

At the bottom of the hill were some  skinny cows grazing.
Batanes - skinny cows

Our last stop for the day was the Naidi Hills where the Basco Lighthouse was located.
Batanes - Naidi Hills

Our van stopped and we opened a window to take a picture of the carabao. Thank goodness it didn’t stand up and say hello.

Batanes - Basco Lighthouse

Of the three bunkers left behind, one was converted into the Bunker Cafe.
Batanes - Bunker Cafe

Batanes - Bunker Cafe-1

Batanes - Bunker Cafe-2

Sure it looked cozy and inviting.
Batanes - Bunker Cafe-3

But please, please DO NOT eat here. Eating here wasn’t part of our itinerary but we insisted. BIG mistake. We called it the insect cafe. Whether we sat inside or outside we were attacked with all kinds of annoying insects, big and small. I won’t even discuss how BAD the food and service was.
Batanes - Bunker Cafe-4

Batanes - Basco Lighthouse-1
Basco Lighthouse

We climbed up the lighthouse to see the surrounding view. This lighthouse isn’t in operation anymore.
Batanes - Basco Lighthouse-2

Views of Basco city and the sea.
Batanes - Basco Lighthouse-3

Batanes - Basco Lighthouse-4

Batanes - Basco Lighthouse-5

Batanes - Basco Lighthouse-6

Other than our horrible dinner at Bunker Cafe and our delayed flight, it was a fantastic first day touring Batanes.

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