Batanes Day 1 Part 1 – Tukon Church, Valugan Bay

Batanes - Tukon Church
I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t seen much of the beauty of the Philippines. All I see everyday is the hustle and bustle of city life in Manila. I don’t enjoy seeing pollution and traffic everyday. That’s why I was very excited to see Batanes.

The Province of Batanes is the northernmost and the smallest province of the Philippine Republic, both in terms of population and land area. The provincial capital is Basco. (Wikipedia)

On our first day we checked in to Batanes Resort, our home for four days. After lunch we started our tour at the Tukon Church. Of all the churches we went to in Batanes this was my favorite due to it’s architecture and details.
Batanes - Tukon Church-1
Tukon Church

The ceiling had beautiful frescoes of saints.
Batanes - Tukon Church-7

Batanes - Tukon Church-5

I loved all the wood work in the church.
Batanes - Lady of Mt. Carmel Church-3

Batanes - Tukon Church-4

Batanes - Tukon Church-9

Batanes -Tukon Church-2

Batanes - Tukon Church-10

Batanes - Tukon Church-11

The Tukon church was a project of Dina and Butch Abad for the residents nearby to have a place to go to mass instead of going to a much farther church in town.
Batanes - Tukon Church-12

Our next stop was the Basco Pagasa Station.
Basco Pagasa Station
Basco Pagasa Station

Basco Pagasa Station-1

I wasn’t listening so I didn’t really know what was so special about this weather station. All I understood was there was some beautiful views surrounding it.
Basco Pagasa Station-2

This simple looking device was used to measure rainfall.
rain gauge
rain gauge

This wasn’t a crystal ball. Through research I learned that this was called a Campbell–Stokes recorder otherwise known as a sunshine recorder. Neat huh?
Basco Pagasa Station-Campbell–Stokes recorder
Campbell–Stokes recorder

Sunny or cloudy, I just liked the picture I took through the sphere.
Campbell–Stokes recorder

From the top of the weather station we could see the church we came from.
Basco Pagasa Station-6

The Japanese Tunnel served as a hideout of the Japanese soldiers during World War II.
Batanes- Japanese Tunnel
Japanese Tunnel

The entrance was really low and you had to duck-walk towards the back where you could stand. It was cooler as you went in. We didn’t go further in.
Batanes- Japanese Tunnel-1

Batanes- Japanese Tunnel-2

One of my favorite destinations was the Valugan Bay. The beach had a kilometer long stretch of fine white beach with large multi-colored rocks.
Batanes - Valugan Boulder Beach
Valugan Bay

Batanes - Valugan Boulder Beach-2

I walked down the huge rocks slowly, step by step while the three boys ran and skipped from rock to rock.
Batanes - Valugan Boulder Beach-1

I’ve never seen anything like this. Really amazing.
Batanes - Valugan Boulder Beach-3

The next church we went to was located in Basco’s town proper. The Sto. Domingo church was the oldest church in Batanes. It was built in 1812 under the supervision of Dominican friars. It was also one of the first limestone buildings built under the Spanish regime.
Batanes - Sto. Domingo Church
Sto. Domingo Church

The ten commandments in Ivatan.
Batanes - Sto. Domingo Church-2

Batanes - Sto. Domingo Church-1

Part 2 here.

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