Philippine Airlines Dinner Mnl-Hkg-Mnl April 2011

PAL dinner - tenderloin & prawns-2
Last April I went to Hong Kong to spend Holy Week there. It was also my first encounter with airplane food while on the Cohen diet. The timing of this post couldn’t be more perfect because today I’m on my way back to Hong Kong. And this time it’s breakfast that will challenge my diet.

Philippine Airlines did a really good job by having 6 of Manila’s best chefs create some meals for us to enjoy.
Philippine Airlines Pinoy Chef Brigade
Philippine Airlines Pinoy Chef Brigade

PAL dinner menu
dinner menu

I chose the tenderloin for dinner since it was a lean cut of meat. I just didn’t eat the prawns since I can’t mix proteins.
PAL dinner - tenderloin & prawns

I came prepared with a small plastic container of cooked bok choy. The flight attendant was nice enough to transfer it to a plate and heat it up for me. So goodbye bread plate!
PAL dinner - tenderloin & prawns-1

The beef was incredibly tender and flavorful even without gravy. The cheddar bacon croquette looked so, so tempting!
PAL dinner - tenderloin & prawns-2
tenderloin & prawns

I tried the truffle bernaise sauce and just loved it with the steak. Bad of me to cheat. Bad, bad, bad!
PAL dinner - truffle bernaise sauce
truffle bernaise sauce

I did eat the mango slices for dessert. I was lucky that I had something good and suitable to choose from.
my dinner tray

I wasn’t so lucky with the dinner options on the flight back to Manila.
PAL dinner menu

It’s a good thing that they serve oil and vinegar and pesto instead of butter.
PAL dinner - balsamic vinegar & olive oil, pesto

PAL dinner

I didn’t bring any veggies this time so I ate the cucumber only.
PAL dinner-pork satay with cucumber achara
pork satay with cucumber achara

Even though cod and macadamia nuts weren’t allowed on my diet this seemed like the least evil choice. It tasted heavenly! The fish was perfectly cooked despite it’s thickness. I savored the macadamia nut crust and the delicious sun dried tomato sauce.
PAL dinner- macadamia & herb crusted cod
macadamia & herb crusted cod

As soon as I finished my fish I had them take away my tray so I will not succumb to the temptation to eat the chocolate raspberry cake.
PAL dinner- raspberry cake
raspberry cake

As usual the meals on Philippine Airlines didn’t disappoint me. I hope they keep up the quality of the food on board.

5 thoughts on “Philippine Airlines Dinner Mnl-Hkg-Mnl April 2011

  1. i salute you for your determination talaga! kung ako yan i would have closed my eyes and ate the entire thing!! hahahaha *sigh*


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