Queso De Bola Cheesecake from Indulgence by Irene

queso de bola cheesecake
Last week I received a text from Frannywanny if I wanted to try Irene’s queso de bola cheesecake. I don’t know Irene personally but I love cheesecake so I said YES.

The next day Irene sent me a mini queso de bola (edam cheese) cheesecake. I was wondering if it would beat my all time favorite cheesecake which also happened to be a qdb (queso de bola) cheesecake from Dessert Du Jour.

I must admit it wasn’t love at first bite. I found myself comparing it to Dessert Du Jour’s version which had a light texture and sublime flavor.
Irene’s cheesecake was rich and dense like your typical by New York cheesecake. The qdb was more intense and after a few bites it reminded me of Via Mare’s qdb bibingka. It gave me the same joy that I get when eating comfort food that’s very, very satisfying.
This cheesecake had an interesting sweet and slightly savory taste. There was much more grated qdb and you could even taste bits of melted cheese giving the cheesecake an unique texture.  I ate it over 3 days and each time I ate it I loved it more and more. It’s not for those looking for a mild and light cheesecake. This is for the true qdb lover. It’s an aggressive and ‘in your face’ cheesecake that begs to be eaten slowly and savored with a smile on your face. A small slice is enough to satisfy my dessert cravings. Need I mention this was perfect with coffee?

queso de bola cheesecake-1

I immediately texted Irene and ordered a whole cheesecake for our Chinese New Year party. Everyone including non-dessert lovers raved about the cheesecake. Until today I still have a tiny sliver left that’s hidden in the refrigerator. Yes I have a new love.
queso de bola cheesecake-2

ps: Notice the pictures? No styling, no plating since I was in a mad rush to eat it.  Trust me people, it’s goooood!

Indulgence by Irene
Quezo de Bola Cheesecake
9 inch – P900
4 1/2 inch – P200

For Orders: 0922-8303900/0917-6225800
Pick up in Ortigas
Meet up in Magallanes – Weekday mornings and afternoons

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