50 Feasts Food Photography School

Gorgeous pictures right? Well, one day soon I hope to be able to take pictures just as scrumptious as these.

Those pictures came from PhotoKitchen, a studio based in Manila specializing in food photography. When Dwight, one of the owners of PhotoKitchen emailed me if I wanted to join a food photography class run by 50 Feasts it didn’t take me 30 seconds to reply with a resounding YES.

Even though I’m just a food blogger and I do this as a hobby I still want to showcase the best pictures I can take. It’s a source of pride for me if someone leaves a comment on my pictures. I did take a photography class before but it was a general class about basic photography. I’ve always wanted to take a specialized class that focuses on food photography.

photo from PhotoKitchen

50 Feasts is a new food photography school room in San Juan and is run and owned by the same people behind PhotoKitchen. What I like about their classes are each class is limited to 6 people only. A small class guarantees close interaction with the teacher and more chances for hands on practice and critique.

They offer 3 kinds of classes. I’m enrolled in Basic Food Photography.
food photography classes
photo from 50 Feasts

This is my actual class schedule. Click here for the schedule of their upcoming classes.

Title: Basic Food Photography: Batch 1
Date: October 29–October 30, 2011
Time: 10:00am–4:30pm
Instructor: Mylene Chung
Location: 50 Feasts Studio (see map)
Fee: 8,700 (Get a discount) Inclusive of lunch and food subjects.

Available Slots: 0/6 Full Class, Kindly subscribe to our mailing list if you’d like to get updates on the next class!

Welcome to our first food photography class ever! Be part of our pioneering batch if you do decide to join!

What you’ll need before joining the class:
1. A DSLR Camera (any brand will do)
2. Tripod (highly recommeded, but not required)
3. Mastery of basic photography principles (You must perfectly understand exposure or else you’ll get left behind!)

What you’re gonna learn for this class:
1. Food Photography vs Other Forms
2. Using Natural Light to get picture perfect food shots
3. Basics of Prop Styling
4. Composing with Food
5. Choosing Color to Complement Food
6. Setting up your Shooting Space & Location
7. Maximizing Exposure for Food Photos
8. Challenging Exercises & Contests in Food Photography
9. Other Secret techniques and Methods!

Disclosure: I got this class gratis.

I will report on how my classes went. I’ll also post the pictures I took there. Hope you will see the difference in upcoming posts. 

50 Feasts & PhotoKitchen
Unit 19 Lumier Realty Building
285 P Guevarra St, San Juan City
Metro Manila, Philippines

telephone: 723-7630, 985-4808
cellphone: 0917-853-6215

email: contact@50feasts.com

Office hours:
11:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday to Sunday

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