Basic Food Photography Class at 50 Feasts Food Photography School

I just spent the best weekend studying basic food photography. And yes I shot and co-styled this picture. 50 Feasts is a new food photography school room run by Mylene Chung. I loved the casual setting of the class. All six students sat in a couch and chairs in the living room and watched theContinue reading “Basic Food Photography Class at 50 Feasts Food Photography School”

50 Feasts Food Photography School

Gorgeous pictures right? Well, one day soon I hope to be able to take pictures just as scrumptious as these.Those pictures came from PhotoKitchen, a studio based in Manila specializing in food photography. When Dwight, one of the owners of PhotoKitchen emailed me if I wanted to join a food photography class run by 50Continue reading “50 Feasts Food Photography School”