Clover Brewing System at Starbucks SF

Starbucks Clover Brewing System
I can’t remember how I first learned about the Clover Brewing System but I was really curious to see in action. This machine was developed by some Stanford students in 2006 and Starbucks bought them out in 2008. Not all Starbucks stores have the Clover machine but lucky for me the branch at Hotel Nikko had one.

Starbucks San Francisco

The same products are sold in Manila!
Starbucks San Francisco

That’s the Clover Brewing System. Please click on the links to read more about how the machine works. In essence it’s a high tech one cup coffee brewer.
Starbucks Clover Brewing System

Starbucks Clover Brewing System

The beauty of this machine is you can select from many varieties of Starbucks blends for your cup of coffee. Usually I just buy the bold coffee of the day and I had to wait for a week until they changed blends. This time I chose some fancy blend I’ve never tried before.
Starbucks Clover Brewing System

A machine costs $11,000!
Starbucks Clover Brewing System

Starbucks Clover Brewing System

Watch this video to see how it works.

Starbucks San Francisco

Starbucks San Francisco

It didn’t take long to make my coffee and I definitely enjoyed the bold coffee I chose. It was very interesting to finally see the machine in action. I wish we had this in Manila so I can try different blends each time I go to Starbucks.

222 Mason St
San Francisco, CA 94102
telephone 415-296-9056

One thought on “Clover Brewing System at Starbucks SF

  1. The Clover is dazzling in appearance and concept but it’s nothing if the person making the coffee is inept at using it. This was my experience when I tried the Clover-made coffees in Seattle recently.


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