Lunch at Addendum

Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville - Buttermilk Fried Chicken
I only had four full days in San Francisco but I managed to squeeze in an overnight stay in Napa Valley just to try a few restaurants that have been on my list for quite a while.

Ariel’s partner Kit drove us to Napa Valley.
Golden Gate Bridge

I really wanted to eat at Ad Hoc, Thomas Keller’s more affordable restaurant but they were only open for dinner and we were already booked to eat at Bouchon, another restaurant in his group. As much I as would love to eat at French Laundry the price of a meal there is too much for my budget so I was happy to try Thomas Keller’s other restaurants.
Ad Hoc, Yountville

Addendum was opened though and it was located right behind Ad Hoc. This backyard casual dining joint opens on Thursdays through Saturdays only. While Ad Hoc served a four course meal for $52, Addendum had an even simpler menu which cost only $16.50 for an entree with two sides.
Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville

The setting was very casual and felt like going to someone’s backyard for a picnic.
Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville-1

You go to this shed and pay for your order. There’s only two choices – BBQ or buttermilk fried chicken. Those two are the most popular dishes at Ad Hoc.

I told Ariel to order only one of each since I thought the servings would be big and I was on a diet and won’t eat much. (yeah right)
Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville-2

They were selling the Ad Hoc fried chicken kit which you could also buy at Williams Sonoma for $14.95.
Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville-3  

We sat at one of the picnic tables.
Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville-4

They planted their own vegetables and herbs.
Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville-5

Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville-6

All the containers and utensils they used were compostable. Impressive!
Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville-7

Our lunch was delivered in this big brown bag.
Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville-8

The sides usually change and that day it was classic potato salad and braised Swiss chard with lardon (bacon). Both were delicious too.
Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville-9

The barbecue was a couple of pieces of baby back ribs and pulled pork on top of honey cornbread. The bbq was tender, sweet and spicy. I liked it but I preferred the fried chicken more.
Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville - Barbecue
Ad Hoc style Barbecue

As soon as I took a bite out of my chicken breast I immediately stood up and ordered another fried chicken. It was that good and the serving wasn’t that big to feed 3 hungry people. There went the diet!
Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville - Buttermilk Fried Chicken-1
Buttermilk Fried Chicken $16.50

The chicken was unbelievably juicy and moist and that’s for the chicken breast which usually gets overcooked in other restaurants. The spices were just right without any single overwhelming flavor. The skin was crisp yet tende and it wasn’t overly coated with flour. This fried chicken was a big competition for my all time favorite fried chicken from Michel Richard’s Central.
Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville - Buttermilk Fried Chicken-2

But what really blew me away was the honey cornbread which was so moist and the texture was more like poundcake than cornbread. I’ve never eaten cornbread that good. I asked for extra cornbread with my 2nd order of fried chicken and they me one.
Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville- Honey Cornbread
Honey Cornbread

A big thank you to Ariel and Kit for taking time out from your busy schedules to take me on an eating adventure in Napa. I loved our lunch so much!!!
Thomas Keller's Addendum, Yountville-15

Behind Ad Hoc
6476 Washington St. Yountville, CA 94599
telephone: (707) 944-1565

One thought on “Lunch at Addendum

  1. The buttermilk fried chicken looks so yummy! I miss eating chicken 😦 Nice resto concept too.. missin san francisco. I’ll definitely take not of the placces you’ve posted here so when i go next year I’ll visit the places you went to. happy holidays!


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