Dinner at Bouchon Bistro

Bouchon in Yountville- Marquis Au Chocolat $10
My first day in Napa Valley was spent eating in all of Thomas Keller’s restaurants in Yountville.

My ultimate dream and goal is to eat at French Laundry but since I’m too cheap to shell out $300+ for a meal I was happy enough to try Keller’s other establishments starting with lunch at Addendum, pastries at Bouchon Bakery and finally dinner at Bouchon Bistro.
Bouchon in Yountville

The restaurant was small and very dark thus my disappointing pictures.
Bouchon in Yountville-1

A paper menu was wrapped around our napkins.
Bouchon in Yountville-2

The bread was simply placed on our table. It wasn’t even warm that’s why I didn’t bother eating it. I don’t like chewy crusty bread. I like it crunchy. The white bean dip was yummy with the small pieces of toasted bread though.
Bouchon in Yountville-3

Bouchon in Yountville-4
blurry picture of me with Kit and Ariel

Bouchon in Yountville-5

Bouchon in Yountville- specials

Remember I told you that frisee with lardon (bacon) and poached egg is really popular? Kit had this salad. You’ll see more frisee salad in my upcoming posts.
Bouchon - Frisee Au Lardon $15
Frisee Au Lardon $15

The country style paté was a thick and generous cut and it was very tasty.
Bouchon in Yountville- Pate de Campagne $12.50
Pate de Campagne $12.50

Kit had the roast leg of lamb which he said was incredibly tender and succulent.
Bouchon in Yountville- Gigot d' Agneau $32
Gigot d’ Agneau $32

I would never order roast chicken in an expensive restaurant but Ariel really loved Bouchon’s version and this was his second time to order it. I tasted a small piece and found it super moist but nothing extra ordinary.
Bouchon in Yountville- Poulet Roti $26.50
Poulet Roti $26.50

I ordered a diet allowed dish and that was steak. I had the fries replaced with salad that was dressed with a light vinaigrette.
Bouchon in Yountville- Steak Frites $34.95
Steak Frites $34.95

The prime flatiron steak was thick and cooked evenly from end to end. It lacked a bit of salt so I had to sprinkle some salt with each bite to enhance the flavor of the beef. The caramelized shallots on top added a nice touch to the steak. You don’t really need much with a good quality piece of beef.
Bouchon in Yountville- Steak Frites $34.95-1

Kit ordered the floating meringue. Not my type of dessert.
Bouchon in Yountville- Ile Flottante $9
Ile Flottante $9

The dark chocolate terrine was super duper dark and ultra yummy. But what made it even outstanding was the super intense orange cream that dotted the plate. I can just imagine how many oranges were used to achieve the uber concentrated flavor. The chocolate was just perfect dipped into the orange cream. I just wish there was more of the orange cream. I really, really, really wanted to lick the plate clean. For me dessert was the best part of the meal!!!
Bouchon in Yountville- Marquis Au Chocolat $10
Marquis Au Chocolat $10

Thank you Ariel and Thomas Keller for a wonderful meal. I will see you French Laundry. One day I will see you.

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