Dean & Deluca at Georgetown, DC

Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC- latte bar
Having exhausted the suburbs in Virginia, I decided to spend the day in Georgetown, DC for a change.

I went to work with my cousin La and she brought me to the Metro station nearest her office which was Federal Station SW.
DC Metro

Luckily the rush hour was over so we took our time figuring out what ticket to buy. La hasn’t taken the Metro in a while.
DC Metro-1

The map was more complicated than the one I was used to in Hong Kong but it wasn’t really that complicated. Just figure out what color is the line your stop is on and stick to that line.
DC Metro map

DC Metro-3

DC Metro-4

From Federal Center SW my destination was Foggy Bottom-GWU on the blue line.
DC Metro-5

I love the architecture of the Metro station. It had an old world feel.
DC Metro-7

DC Metro-8

DC Metro-9

It was so, so chilly when I got out.
Georgetown, DC

It was more than a mile to the farthest point I walked to in Georgetown but it was an easy and pleasant walk.
Georgetown, DC-2

Georgetown, DC-1

Georgetown, DC-4

Georgetown, DC-5

I didn’t really have any destination and the stores were the same everywhere else. Then I remembered La telling me that Dean & Deluca had very good scones so that’s where I went.
Georgetown, DC-6

Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC

Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC wine hall

Can you believe all the scones were sold out? What a bummer!! I looked for something else to buy.  I took pictures of all the amazing prepared food they sold. Why don’t they have a branch in the ‘burbs?
Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC-2

Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC- prepared foods

I would like a chicken pot pie please.
Dean & Deluca savory pies

Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC- turkey meatloaf

Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC-7

Hmm $9 for a chicken empanada? Mahal no? These were just normal sized.
Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC- chicken empanada

Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC- dessert

Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC- cakes

Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC- sweets

All the desserts didn’t affect me until I saw these cookies. It made my heart go flip flop. I wanted to buy the triple chocolate and sea salt chocolate chip but I held on and looked for something different.
Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC- cookies

Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC- cookies 2

This was the first time I saw sushi made with brown rice.
Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC- brown rice sushi

I finally decided on this huge Latte Bar made with dried fruits, nuts, coconut, dulce de leche & chocolate chips.
Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC- latte bar
Latte Bar $4.25

It was just ok for me. It was a bit dry but I enjoyed eating the dried fruits and nuts. It reminded me of trail mix and granola bar combined. I wish I got those cookies instead.
Dean & Deluca Georgetown DC- latte bar

Dean & Deluca
3276 M Street NW, Washington DC 20007  
telephon: 202.342.2500

Open Monday – Sunday
Cafe 7am to 9pm
Market 9am to 9pm

6 thoughts on “Dean & Deluca at Georgetown, DC

  1. Hi Leslie! Looking at these pictures are making me hungry…not good when its 10:30 in the evening! lol. Thinking of the beignets i had at Dean & Deluca, melt-in-your-mouth so good! Btw, you are looking great (seeing your pics@ Disney entries)! Keep it up. =) 


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