Le Fermiere Citron Yogurt-005
Ever since I started the Cohen Lifestyle diet last year I’ve eaten yogurt almost everyday. There are precise brands of yogurt that I must eat but when I was in Hong Kong last December I couldn’t resist buying this French yogurt simply because it was on sale and I liked the blue terra cotta container.

I bought La Fermière yogurt in Hong Kong on sale for HK$30.
Le Fermiere Citron Yogurt-003
La Fermière Citron (lemon) yogurt

I really liked the reusable pots of La Fermière. My used pots are now home to packets of artificial sweetener and creamer. As soon as I have more pots I will use them for desserts in my next dinner party. These would be great for pots de creme, chocolate mousse or even trifle.

The terra cotta pots are cold-proof and ovenproof (freezing and oven baking), you can preserve them and use them in different ways: as an ornament, a pen holder, a baking dish for desserts or a jam jar. from La Fermière
Le Fermiere Citron Yogurt-006

The yogurt was quite thick and velvety smooth. The yogurt simply melted in my mouth. The lemon flavor was distinct yet not too sour and the yogurt had the perfect combination of tart and sweetness.

I wouldn’t eat this on a daily basis since it’s not low fat but it’s a good and healthy treat for me.
Le Fermiere Citron Yogurt-004

To my joy I found La Fermière in S&R (The Fort) yesterday. They only sold two varieties, vanilla yogurt (140 g) and creme gourmand (110 g) both cost P209.05. These sell very quickly so if I were you I’d run to S&R and try them out.

I wish the distributor would carry more varieties since each variant came in different terra cotta pots. I want to expand my yogurt pot collection.
Le Fermiere Creme Gourmand Yogurt

I’m not really sure if this is yogurt or just dessert but whatever it is it’s freakin’ awesome!! The first spoonful made me groan in ecstasy. The texture was the same as the yogurt but the flavor of burnt caramel with hints of fleur de del (sea salt) was just wonderful. The balance of salt and caramel was just perfect. I’ve never appreciated the flavor of salted caramel as much as with this dessert. Truly decadent.
Le Fermiere Creme Gourmand Yogurt-001
La Fermière creme gourmande au caramel a la fleur de sel de Guérande

You HAVE to try this!!!!
Le Fermiere Creme Gourmand Yogurt-002
La Fermière creme gourmande P209.95

Back to reality. This is the yogurt I eat everyday for breakfast with either a mango or an orange mixed into it. Studies have shown that having high protein that’s low in fat is the best breakfast one can have. Since I hate eggs I eat yogurt.

Even if you’re not on a diet it’s better to buy plain yogurt and add in any fruit, dried or fresh, nuts or cereal. It’s healthier and it contains less sugar. Fruit flavored yogurt has lots of sugar and preservatives.
Cohen Lifestyle - yogurt with fresh mango

I buy Rizal Dairy Farms yogurt in bulk from their stall in Market Market. Their yogurt in fantastic and the price is so much cheaper than their imported counterparts.
Rizal Farms Yogurt-001

I like their creamy yogurt but I love their Greek yogurt even more. It’s super thick and rich it tastes like I’m eating heavy cream instead. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s really low fat.
Rizal Farms Yogurt
Rizal Farms Greek Yoghurt (low fat) 350 grams – P110

I always buy the 2 kilo container of low fat Greek yogurt. It costs almost twice as much as their creamy yogurt but Greek yogurt contains more protein so it’s better for you. You need to order the special 2 kilo container a day or two before pick up at Market Market. You can call or text them.
Rizal Farms Yogurt.19
Rizal Farms Greek Yoghurt (low fat) 2 kilos – P600

This is another good way of eating yogurt.

Sometimes I also buy Yoplait’s Yoplus low fat yogurt. This is available in most supermarkets but it’s always out of stock. So when there’s a new delivery and I happen to be in Unimart I buy 3-4 containers since the expiration is quite a long time. Calling ScanAsia, please import more plain Yoplus there are a lot of Cohen dieters!!! There’s always flavored ones left on the shelves and the plain flavor is always sold out.
picture from Yoplait New Zealand

Rizal Dairy Farms products are available at:

  • Rizal Dairy Farms, Green Shop at the open air section of Market Market!, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.
  • Saturday Market, Salcedo Village, Makati City
  • Lung Center Sunday Market, Quezon Ave., Quezon City
  • Home deliveries within Metro Manila for a minimum purchase of P1,000.00
Office: 660-2197, 658-4779
Antonio L. Alleje: 0917-820-2109
Jacqueline Haessig Alleje: 0917-321-8811

I usually just text Rosemary (sales person at Market Market branch) my order directly since I’m her suki already. Her cellphone number is 0929-121-2249. Tell her Leslie sent you.

3 thoughts on “Yogurt

  1. i’m so happy to have stumbled on your blog when i was researching on where to buy greek yogurt here in Manila. I know S&R sells greek yogurt but i don’t have access to it since no one i know is a member there. Now, i know where to buy! Thanks to you! 😀 Good thing i work in Fort so i can buy anytime! Yayyy! i’m so excited to try it. Quick questions though, is Rosemary using the same number? And how long does 2 kilos of greek yogurt last you? Thanks again! 🙂


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