Balesin Island Club – St. Tropez Village

Most of the villages in Balesin Island Club feature single detached villas and you will need to walk or take a golf buggy to go to the restaurant. St. Tropez village is set up just like a boutique hotel with everything you need in one building. 

We stayed in Balesin village on our first night and moved to St. Tropez village for a change of atmosphere. You can actually stay in a different room everyday should you wish. The super capable staff will move all your belongings for you while you laze around the beach. 

This is the main air-conditioned lobby where you can find free wifi. My pocket wifi didn’t work in our room or in the other public places in St. Tropez. This hotel had the numerous sitting and dining areas. 

The rooms were large and had high ceilings. There were 4 color themes for the rooms. 

Each room contained a king sized bed, bench seat, 2 arm chairs and most had a veranda. This room cost P10,000 per night and can sleep up to 4 people. You can always request for an extra bed. 

Vanessa, the friendly and pretty French speaking manager toured us around the Presidential Suite which costs P20,000 per night and can sleep up to 8 people. There were two rooms and a huge veranda.

St. Tropez Presidential Suite bedroom 1
St. Tropez Presidential Suite bedroom 1


This beautiful bureau was made by Igorots who live on the island. 

St. Tropez Presidential Suite - master's bedroom
St. Tropez Presidential Suite – master’s bedroom


There’s a mirror on the ceiling of the room.

From the suite’s veranda you can see the whole village. 

Yes, it comes with an outdoor whirlpool tub. 

The best room in St. Tropez village is room no. 38. It also costs P10,000 too but it has separate dining/living room and a large veranda that gives you direct access to the beach. Most of the rooms in Balesin cost P10,000 but some are bigger and better. You have to know which room to reserve early since these get booked up really fast. 

St. Tropez room no. 38
St. Tropez room no. 38


This is how room no. 38 looked like from the beach.

I was quite happy with our villa in Balesin village but my roomie liked the view and sound of the waters from our second level room no. 20. I have to be honest but I hated the color combination of pink and hunter green of the chair.  I liked the blue room the best. 

We had a veranda with a small table for two. Our host and his wife stayed at room no. 38 which was directly below us so we were able to communicate by shouting over the veranda. The rooms don’t have phones that connect to other rooms. If you travel with a big group it’s imperative to have a cellphone with Smart sim so you can talk to them about your plans for the day.

All the rooms in Balesin have CBTL coffee and tea makers. 

The shower in our room had low water pressure and no hot water. I missed our large bathroom in Balesin village.

Nirvana lounge
Nirvana lounge

We all loved this air-conditioned dining room with a great view of the waters. 

Too bad we didn’t have enough time to try their food. I really wanted to try the fish soup or lobster bisque. 

I had breakfast at the open air dining room just off the main lobby. 

I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of the breakfast menu! They had a variety of sweet and savory crepes as well as omelets. I chose the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict based on a friend’s FB recommendation. Unlike other other restaurants’ versions this one had very little hollandaise sauce. 

smoked salmon eggs benedict P350
smoked salmon eggs benedict P350


I didn’t really miss the hollandaise sauce since what little there was was quite tasty. The creamy egg yolk made up for the lack of sauce. I specially loved the cherry tomato relish that added a nice, sour component.

They don’t have room service at Balesin but the waiter kindly delivered a ham and gruyere cheese crepe to our room since my roomie woke up late. She couldn’t stop raving about it. 

ham and gruyere cheese crepe P350
ham and gruyere cheese crepe P350


St. Tropez had one of the most picture perfect pool areas.

After breakfast I sat on a lounger by the pool and soaked up some morning sun. 

On our last morning the tide was really, really low. 

This is the 3rd village of Balesin Island Club that I featured. Each one has it’s distinct look and features. No matter where you stay you can use the facilities of the other villages anytime you want. 

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Balesin Island Club
4330 Polillo, Quezon
telephone: (02) 846 6205
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