Donut Love with J.CO Donuts

J.CO Donuts
I was going to start my diet again yesterday and not cheat anymore. I needed to lose the weight I’ve gained from my trip to the USA and Hong Kong Disneyland and many other mini vacations. I was quite a good girl the whole day until I went home and saw donuts.

Sharing the J.CO way

The good folks over at J.CO Donuts Philippines sent me 2 dozen donuts. I almost fainted with joy and a sense of doom for my diet.

Obviously someone got to the first box of donuts before I got home since 2 pieces were missing. I applaud the effort to move the donuts around to make it less obvious. You know who you are!
J.CO Donuts-001

The second box contained their bestseller, the Alcapone which is soft bite donut dunked in Belgian white chocolate and topped with sliced Californian almonds.
J.CO Donuts- alcapone donuts
Alcapone donuts

They must know me well since there was a predominant brown color in one box.
J.CO Donuts-003

J.CO Donuts- berry spears, alcapone & green tease
berry spears, alcapone & green tease

I’m not a big fan of donuts. The last time I ate a donut was when KK opened in Manila and I went to their store in The Fort to see what the fuss was about. I was handed a free, newly cooked glazed donut. I took a bite and immediately tried to scrape all the sugar glaze. I found it too sweet and oily.

That was my last foray into donuts until yesterday. My first bite into the Alcapone donut quickly led into the second, third and fourth bite until I remembered to take a picture. I loved the soft donut without any oily aftertaste. The Belgian chocolate had the right amount of sweetness. The best part was the generous slices of crunchy almonds. I understand why this is the bestseller. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a donut with this much almonds. I can only imagine if they had a version made with dark Belgian chocolate instead. That would be even more heavenly.
J.CO Donuts- alcapone donut
Alcapone donut

For this post I had to try more donuts right? I was quite excited to try the green tease donut since I have an obsession with anything matcha (green tea powder) flavored, from cookies, candies and tea drinks. I was surprised at how potent the matcha flavor was. This was not just coloring. It was real matcha baby. The only thing that didn’t thrill me was the plain cream filling. I wish it was matcha flavored too. I had two bites of this donut’s topping.
J.CO Donuts- green tease donut
green tease donut

I had to try one chocolate donut too right?
J.CO Donuts- chocolate selections
chocolate selections

I picked up the most chocolatey looking donut and was surprised to find the whole donut covered in chocolate. It wasn’t chocolate glaze but real chocolate. It it were low quality chocolate I would have spit it out but thankfully good quality semisweet chocolate was used. I had to physically push it away before I consumed another whole donut.
J.CO Donuts- black jack donut
black jack donut

I was curious what this donut tasted like so I took another bite. Oh wow it had peanut butter flavored cream inside. The topping tasted like mocha. The combination was another winner.  Uggghh I was so full after eating all these donuts. If I skip dinner will I save the calories of all the donuts I ate?

Thankfully donuts don’t have as much calories as cupcakes, muffins or bagels since they’re light and airy and not dense like the others.
J.CO Donuts- choconuttzy donut
choconuttzy donut

The next 3 pictures came from their Facebook page.

I want to try the cheese me up and mr. green tea too.
J.CO Donuts variants
J.CO Donut variants

Aside from donuts they also have fat free frozen yogurt in their first branch at The Strip in SM Megamall Building B.

I will definitely visit their branch soon to try their coffees specially the espresso, hot mochabella  and the iced green tea.

The donuts are now safely hidden in the refrigerator. I shared 5 donuts with our household help and they loved it too although one complained it was ‘matabang’. Funny huh?
about J.Co Donuts

J.Co Donuts & Coffee
The Strip
SM Megamall Building B, 
Julia Varga Avenue, Ortigas Center, 
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila


2 thoughts on “Donut Love with J.CO Donuts

  1. super funny the photo of the 1st box with the effort of moving the donuts around to make it less obvious that two pieces are missing! miss u and jin, leslie! dinner soon? 


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