Donut Love with J.CO Donuts

I was going to start my diet again yesterday and not cheat anymore. I needed to lose the weight I’ve gained from my trip to the USA and Hong Kong Disneyland and many other mini vacations. I was quite a good girl the whole day until I went home and saw donuts. The good folksContinue reading “Donut Love with J.CO Donuts”

Brunch at Birch and Barley

I chose the restaurant where we ate for Sunday brunch. I was quite nervous since none of my companions have tried this restaurant and they work in DC! A small article in a DC magazine caught my eye. It mentioned Birch and Barley’s terrific  brunch menu. Based on that and few online reviews I convincedContinue reading “Brunch at Birch and Barley”

Chocolate Sticky Donut from Little Mermaid Bakery

There are lots of Japanese bakeries in Hong Kong and I love them all. My favorites are Panash and Little Mermaid Bakery. During my last trip I didn’t buy anything from Panash because of my diet. I tried to avoid Little Memaid too but for the sake of this blog I bought my favorite chocolateContinue reading “Chocolate Sticky Donut from Little Mermaid Bakery”