Lunch at BonChon Philippines

BonChon soy garlic wings
The first time I tried BonChon was in 2008 when I was in Virginia. I didn’t even have a blog then. I loved it so much that I had to eat BonChon every time I went to the USA. I hoped someone would bring it to Manila and in November 2011 my wish came true and the first branch in Ayala Triangle Gardens opened.

Andrea, the marketing honcho of BonChon Philippines has been inviting me to try out the local version for the longest time but I was on a strict diet for the past year. Finally last week I met her at their Libis branch for lunch.
BonChon Manila

I went there at 1:30 pm to avoid the lunch crowd. This branch was located next to The Spa which incidentally is owned by the same owners as BonChon.
BonChon Manila-001

BonChon Manila- menu

BonChon Manila- menu-001

BonChon Manila- menu-002
seasonal menu

BonChon Manila-005
New York Times article

The chicken wings I had in the US were enormous. I was worried that the wings in Manila would be tiny. I was pleased that the wings were plump enough to satisfy. True it wasn’t as huge as their American counterparts but they were definitely bigger than the ones from the chicken we buy in the market.

I’m so happy that the taste and crunch was exactly the same as the ones in the US. The chicken wasn’t oily at all and the sweet, salty flavor that I liked so much was the same.
BonChon soy garlic wings-001
soy garlic wings – 6 pcs for P185

This ws my first time to try the spicy wings and it literally blew me away! It was a bit too hot for my taste and I miss the sweetish flavor of the original wings.  I thought it would be just a spicier version of the soy garlic wings. This was just plain spicy.
BonChon spicy wings
spicy wings – 6 pcs for P185

Only BonChon Manila has fried fish and I’m sorry for those abroad since you won’t get to try this yummy fish. The boneless strips of dory tasted exactly like the soy garlic wings. They were just as crispy and as tasty as the chicken. I couldn’t help myself and ate 2 of the fish strips.
BonChon fish & chips box
fish & chips box P125

Yes even the squid tasted the same. It was crunchier than the average calamari and I wanted to finish it all too. If you don’t like chicken you can choose between the fish or the squid and get the same soy garlic goodness.

You would think that eating all these fried food would make me ‘suya‘ but surprisingly I enjoyed it all. Since I’ve stopped eating fried food for the past year I’m now so sensitive to the taste of oil (rancid or just a little old) and I’m happy to report that all these fried food didn’t have any aftertaste at all. Andrea guaranteed me that fresh, new oil was used for all their food and I believe her.
BonChon crispy squid ricebox
crispy squid ricebox P125

It’s really a great thing for a QSR (quick-service restaurant) to serve fresh salads. It’s a boon for dieters like me to have non-carb options. They use fresh Romaine lettuce which I prefer instead of iceberg lettuce which is cheaper but doesn’t have any nutritional value unlike it’s greener cousins.
BonChon Caesar salad
Caesar salad P125

The ginger tofu is a good diet meal in itself. I just wish the tofu cubes were more crisp and salted before it reaches the salad.
BonChon ginger tofu salad
ginger tofu salad P125

I was beyond full to even take a bite of the bulgogi wrap. I did take a tiny pinch of the meat and kimchi slaw and found it quite authentic in taste. I took home the left overs and my office staff loved the chicken and the bulgogi wrap.
BonChon bulgogi wrap
bulgogi wrap P125

Andrea wanted me to try their new Korean frozen yogurt parfaits. I told Andrea I always eat froyo plain without any toppings so I will just try a little of each.
BonChon KoYo
KoYo – banoffee pie and blueberry torte P70

Boy, with one bite of the tangy yogurt and the not sweet caramel sauce I was hooked. I couldn’t put my spoon down.
BonChon banoffee pie KoYo
banoffee pie KoYo

My favorite part was their homemade graham cracker crust which was in no way even close to the ones you find in the crust of commercial cheesecakes. I don’t even eat the crust of those cheesecakes. This graham cracker mixture was chunky, crunchy, nutty, buttery and just plain addicting. It remained crunchy and distinct even when mixed with the tangy low fat yogurt. Yes I finished the whole cup.  I don’t want to know how many calories are in this dessert.

I texted Andrea the next day that I was still dreaming of this KoYo.  I hope you come up with new toppings for the KoYo soon.

Thanks again, Andrea and BonChon for the wonderful lunch and the doggie bag too.
BonChon banoffee pie KoYo-002

80 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan, Libis 1110
telephone: 655-1818, 655-8074


13 thoughts on “Lunch at BonChon Philippines

  1. This place food look so yummy.  Wow kimchee coleslaw sound pretty good too bad no bonchon in San Francisco hope one also.


  2. The chicken that they have is Korean fried chicken which is different thn american chicken. That whole chain is korean hence the korean inspired menus and korean writings. Anyways, i love korean hiken the sauce is superb. Its like fried chicken covered in sweety spicy gochujang sauce that i got eelivered when i was in south korea but they dont have any near where i live in the us. So yummy!


  3. WOW! Been hearing about this resto for quite some time now and this post made me DROOL!!! The prices aren’t bad either! Gosh, I wish this was in Cebu, too. Haha. It’s like the Krispy Kreme dream we Cebuanos used to have. Bonchon and Dairy Queen next on the list! We also have a great Korean chicken resto over here — Chicken & Beer at Skyrise 4, IT Park. I love Korean fried chicken! ;)Those KoYo’s look sooo luscious too! Nom nom nom!Babe for Food – your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  4. Hi Justinne! I was in Cebu a couple of months ago and when I went to Ayala mall I felt like I was in Manila! It seemed like all the chains were there already. I had a great eating experience in my short stay. Will definitely check your blog before going to Cebu.


  5. Super fun having you over, Leslie!! 🙂  Hope to see you again!  More Ko-Yo flavors in the pipeline. Will update you! 


  6. nakakain na ko sa Bonchon masarap xa.. but the service is not good specialy the girl na nakaharap ko may pagkabastos yung crew cla if im not mistaken susan name nya sa may sm north annex un nung nkaharap ko kasi my pagkabastos sya sa costumer dapat tinatangal yung gnun attitude. well i hope so mtgal nga xa thanks.


  7. nakakain na ako sa bonchon masarap sana. but yung crew nla my pgkabastos, if im not mistaken yung name nia is Susan sm north edsa annex branch yung kinainan ko well i hope so matangal sya kc kasiraan ng restaurant nio yung ganun attitude ng empleyado thanks.


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