Eslite Bookstore, Xinyi Taipei

Eslite Taipei-024
To call Eslite just a bookstore is a huge understatement. It’s more like a lifestyle store with everything from food, bags, shoes, houseware and gadgets.

When Eslite opened their first 24-hour bookstore 17 years ago, they started a trend. The latest XinYi Store is eight stories and 7,500 pings large and has adopted an even more international and unique style that surprises visitors with what a bookstore is capable of. Situated near the Taipei City Hall MRT Station, this new store intends to become “Taiwan’s cultural window to the world”. The second-to-fourth-floor bookstore has a collection of over a million books, making it the biggest in Taiwan. It also introduced a new concept of shops within a bookstore, with a Japanese bookstore, simplified Chinese bookstore, arts bookstore and many other outlets. There is a wide range of English and Chinese books, as well as audio/visual equipment in a specialized department. Other floors offerings include the first-floor Design and Living Floor; an almost 200-ping-large children’s bookstore and children’s discovery museum on the fifth floor; the Eslite Culture sixth floor with a theme restaurant for speeches and activities; a B1 level mainly selling young trendy designer items; and a B2 level offering snacks and exotic foods, as well as vegetarian dishes, to fill browsers’ stomachs. The Eslite XinYi Store is a whole new world of possibilities. from
Eslite Taipei

Eslite Taipei-001

Eslite Taipei-002
Porter bags

Eslite Taipei-003

There were lots of snack items but all were labelled in Chinese so I didn’t know exactly what most of it were.
Eslite Taipei-004

Eslite Taipei- Finca La Nava Bio chips gourmet

Eslite Taipei-006

In today’s market where ebooks are gaining ground and some brick and mortar bookstores have downsized Eslite’s books are still fully stocked with all the subjects you can imagine. Even obscure topics and international subjects were well represented.
Eslite Taipei-007

Eslite Taipei- The Alpen Garden
The Alpen Garden

Eslite Taipei- The Alpen Garden-001
all kinds of tea

Eslite Taipei- The Alpen Garden-002

Eslite Taipei- The Alpen Garden-003

Eslite Taipei-012

My favorite section was this area selling European houseware items. I just love looking at serveware specially for coffee and tea.
Eslite Taipei-013

Eslite Taipei- Eva Solo

Eslite Taipei-015

Eslite Taipei-016

Eslite Taipei-017

They even had an Apple store inside.
Eslite Taipei-018

Eslite Taipei-019

Eslite Taipei-020

Just take a look at their store directory.
Eslite Taipei-021

Eslite Taipei-022

Eslite Taipei-023

Eslite Taipei-024

I remember ‘reading’ 老夫子 (Lǎo Fū Zi) when I was a kid.
Eslite Taipei-025

The Japanese section was all white.
Eslite Taipei-026

Eslite Taipei-027I had to ask my friend who is Japanese what these colorful cloths were. She said “tenugui” literally means to wipe your hands. It is a traditional cloth used back in “Edo era.”  They used to use it to wipe their hands and other purposes like tie up kimono or wrap around their head to keep their sweat from their face. These days these tenugi are used for wrapping gifts too.
Eslite Taipei-028

Eslite Taipei-029

The cookbook section was quite extensive too.
Eslite Taipei-030

Eslite Taipei-031

Eslite Taipei-032

This level had lots of stationery and cutsie stuff. Somebody on this level finally told me I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. Good thing I managed to take a lot already. I could spend hours just browsing all the things in Eslite. It’s a must see when you visit Taipei.
Eslite Taipei-033

Eslite Bookstore (Xinyi Store)
No. 11, Sōnggāo Rd, Sinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
telephone: (02) 8789-3388
Hours:10 am -2 am Bookstore (2F/3F/4F)
10 am-10 pm /Shopping Mall (B2/ B1/ 1F/ 5F/ 6F)

2 thoughts on “Eslite Bookstore, Xinyi Taipei

  1. Wow! I’ve been to Eslite a decade ago but they didn’t have this much stuff! I want to visit again!!! :)


  2. Too bad Leslie hope I be able to take some photos when I head there soon.  I thinking of hidden camera in handbag to get some shots. Snack foods seem good I get some.  Being a bookworm since child love books.  I enjoy collecting cookbooks and will see what new cookbooks they got on mochi and taiwanese snacks recipe.


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