Yangmingshan National Park

Yang Ming Shan-010
Since my cousin Benjie is a local tour guide on occasion he took us to Yang Ming Shan for some sightseeing.

Yang Ming Shan

Yang Ming Shan-001

Yang Ming Shan-004

The park was beautiful but it was so hot that day that the ‘oldies’ didn’t want to walk up and explore the flowers and plants in the park.
Yang Ming Shan-002

Yang Ming Shan-003

Pat, Jay and I walked for a few minutes and took these pictures.
Yang Ming Shan-005

Yang Ming Shan-007

This clock actually told the correct time.
Yang Ming Shan-008

Yang Ming Shan-009

We were too late to catch the full bloom of the cherry blossom trees but I was glad to see some tiny buds left on the tree.
Yang Ming Shan-010

Yang Ming Shan-016

Tsk, tsk, tsk…
Yang Ming Shan-017

Yang Ming Shan-014

Yang Ming Shan-015

If the weather was cooler it would have been nice to walk all around the park.
Yang Ming Shan-013

Yang Ming Shan-012

Beautiful eh?
Yang Ming Shan-011

Yang Ming Shan-018

Call or email my cousin Benjie if you’re going to Taipei. He has a big VW van that can seat 7-9 people. He can even take you to Costco where the have a lot of things similar to the US stores. I wanted to buy so many things but I couldn’t take them home.

Benjie speaks Filipino, English and Chinese fluently.
Yang Ming Shan-019

Benjie Young (Taipei City)
van rental/tour guide
telephone: +886988073435, +886939070314

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