Dinner at El Cirkulo

In Manila new restaurants open and close as fast as you can blink. Some restaurants are so popular that they reach their peak too soon and lose business in a year or so. In my opinion restaurants which serve consistently good food stay open much longer. Such is the case with El Cirkulo.

Whenever the question of “where to eat” arises new restaurants are often the first suggestions. But sometimes the best choice is an old time favorite which will always guarantee a full and happy tummy.
amuse bouche
free appetizer

Our friend Florence has been dreaming of lechon for weeks so we decided to make her wishes come true by going to one of the best places to get cochinillo (young roast suckling pig), El Cirkulo.
cochinillo asado 2
cochinillo asado P5,950 (whole) P2,995 (half)

You need to order this baby pig a day in advance.
cochinillo asado 3

The beauty of eating a young pig is it’s tender and milky meat and little fat. El Cirkulo always serves their cochinillo with a very crispy and flavorful skin. Eight of us managed to finish only half a pig.
cochinillo asado 4

Just to balance out the sinful piggy we ordered salad.

This is only place I’ve seen that has vegan paella. This paella with only portobella mushroom, whole roasted garlic, asparagus and truffle oil was a delicious as the typical paella with saffron. The flavor was more sublime but equally satisfying.
paella montaña P825
paella montaña P825

Whatever paella you end up choosing it’s all good. Next time I want to try their paella negra, the only variant I haven’t tried in El Cirkulo.
paella cirkulo P745
paella cirkulo P745

callos madrileña P445
callos madrileña P445

Their beef belly is my all-time favorite dish. I just love the melt-in-your mouth beef with lots of horseradish. I have to order this every time I eat at El Cirkulo. If you eat at El Cirkulo for lunch on Wednesdays an order of the beef belly with steamed rice, soup and dessert is only P545+.
slow roasted U.S. beef belly P875
slow roasted U.S. beef belly P875

My friends ordered halo halo from Milky Way located on the 2nd floor of the same building for dessert. This was half an order. They just loved this version. I’m not a big halo halo lover so I just had coffee.
Milky Way's halo halo
Milky Way’s halo halo



El Cirkulo will always be my preferred Spanish restaurant. One day I vow to try their other dishes but it’s hard not to order all my favorites. What should I try next in El Cirkulo? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

El Cirkulo
Ground Floor Milkyway Building
900 Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Road)
corner Paseo de Roxas,
Makati City 1200 Philippines
telephone:810-8735, 810-2763

4 thoughts on “Dinner at El Cirkulo

  1. i agree with you! my favorites at El Cirkulo include the Mushroom Paella, Beef Belly, Sisig and Cochinillo!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Leslie, all this time I never saw beef belly. Supermarkets in U.S. seem do not carry it or Chinese market also. Pork belly yes. Now I want see if special order for me in San Francisco.


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