Delicious Kitchen by Eat Well

For my office mate’s birthday we went to Robinson’s Galleria Veranda to see which restaurant to eat at. We decided on Delicious Kitchen for some Chinese food.

Delicious Kitchen by Eat Well

Delicious Kitchen by Eat Well-001

The restaurant had these awful green accent lighting on the walls that gave my pictures a terrible green tinge. We ordered two bowls of wintermelon soup and had it split into 4 bowls. It was nice.
wintermelon soup P98
wintermelon soup with dried scallops & crabmeat P98

Birthday noodles for the birthday girl. I found the noodles to be a little too sweet when it shouldn’t be.
braised e-fu noodles P275
braised e-fu noodles with mixed vegetables P275

I don’t know what possessed me to order two fried dishes. I must miss them a lot. It’s a good thing both were fried well and it didn’t taste oily. The pork spareribs were a bit tough and lacks spice otherwise it was quite acceptable.
fried spareribs P295
fried spareribs with spicy salt P295

Among the two fried dishes I enjoyed the super tender squid more. I specially loved all the fried garlic on top.
fried squid with spicy salt P285
fried squid with spicy salt P285

The prawn balls were quite big and hearty.
prawn balls P355
prawn balls P355

This chicken rice dish was actually a complete meal in itself. I was surprised at how good it was. All the drippings from the chicken and sausage has infused into the rice which was also seasoned with a soy sauce mixture.
chicken with Chinese sausage rice in hot pot P250
chicken with Chinese sausage rice in hot pot P250

The taro rice was made with glutinous rice and steamed. It should have been good in concept but it was too bland. Nothing a douse of soy sauce can’t fix.
taro rice P165
taro rice P165

The food was not bad at all. I would go back for the fried squid and chicken rice. Now I have another go-to restaurant in Robinson’s Galleria.
Delicious Kitchen by Eat Well-002

Delicious Kitchen by Eat Well
2nd Floor Robinsons Galleria Veranda, 
Robinsons Galleria,
EDSA corner Ortigas, Quezon City
telephone: 477-5082

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