Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park - jellyfish-005
Last month I got to be a tourist in my home town, Manila. My cousin Angie and her son Daniel came from Taiwan for a short visit and I brought them to Manila Ocean Park.

I should say it was Angie who brought me to Manila Ocean Park instead since she was the one wh bought our tickets online. Daniel wasn’t very happy at first since they arrived at around 2:00 am and he was tired.
Manila Ocean Park

One can pay for the area they only want to see which is a good thing for repeat visitors.
Manila Ocean Park-001

Since it was our first time Angie got the complete package which included almost everything. We didn’t get to use all the tickets since some attractions were closed that day and we didn’t wait for the night musical fountain show.
Manila Ocean Park-002

Manila Ocean Park-004

Manila Ocean Park-005
sea lion show

Manila Ocean Park-007

Manila Ocean Park-008
koi feeding (extra charge)

The oceanarium was really nice with lots of sea creatures to behold. My only gripe was the warm, warm, super warm air-conditioning. It was really uncomfortable and annoying.
Manila Ocean Park-009

acorn barnacle
acorn barnacle

Philippine Green Mussels "Tahong"
Philippine green mussels “tahong”

reef stonefish
reef stonefish

Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park-001

Manila Ocean Park-002

bluefin trevally
bluefin trevally

leopard shark : zebra shark
leopard shark/zebra shark

blacktip reef shark
blacktip reef shark

If you’re the adventurous sort you may want to swim with the sharks. You’d have to get in the cage though. To Daniel’s disappointment he didn’t meet the age and height requirement for this.
Manila Ocean Park's shark encounter
shark encounter

Manila Ocean Park's shark encounter-001

Daniel had to settle for a picture.
Manila Ocean Park-003

I thought it would finally cool up when we went to the Antarctica. Wishful thinking on my part.
Manila Ocean Park's Antartica

Manila Ocean Park's Antartica-001

The real penguins were the small ones.
Manila Ocean Park's Antartica- penguins

The only place where it was cold was inside the Snow Village.

We paid extra to go in a walk-in freezer that was made to look like a winter wonderland complete with snow and kiddie trains for a good photo op which we had to pay for too. There were heavy coats for us to wear before going in. The temperature inside was a freezing -17C.
snow village in Manila Ocean Park

The blast of cold air definitely put Daniel in a good mood. He also got his wish to ride in a jeepney.
Manila Ocean Park- Daniel

Next up was the fish spa which I was looking forward to. It cost a very reasonable P150 per person for 20 minutes for fish to nibble on your feet’s dead skin.
Manila Ocean Park's fish spa
fish spa

The fish were much bigger than I thought. They seem to have grown 10 fold from the other pictures I’ve seen around the web. I cannot describe how creepy the feeling was. I kept shrieking and pulling my feet out. It took me more than 5 minutes to keep still and ‘enjoy’ the sensation of fish chewing on my skin. I kept thinking of the movie Piranha. This experience is definitely not for the ticklish.
Manila Ocean Park's fish spa-001

Manila Ocean Park's fish spa-003

The only way to go down was to pass by the park’s restaurant.
Manila Ocean Park-006

Manila Ocean Park-007

My favorite part was Jellies, the exhibit featuring all kinds of jellyfish. I would go back for this. It felt very calming looking at the lighted jellyfish displays.


Manila Ocean Park - jellyfish

Since the jellyfish were translucent they absorbed the lights which constantly changed color.
Manila Ocean Park - jellyfish-001

Manila Ocean Park - jellyfish-002

Manila Ocean Park - jellyfish-003

Manila Ocean Park - jellyfish-004

I took so much pictures of jellyfish and this is my favorite shot.
Manila Ocean Park - jellyfish-005

Mirrors played an important role in this room.
Manila Ocean Park - jellyfish-006

Manila Ocean Park - jellyfish-007

Manila Ocean Park - jellyfish-008

Manila Ocean Park - jellyfish-010

I’m glad I was able to visit the Manila Ocean Park. It was a good adventure for any age.

Manila Ocean Park
Brgy. 666 Manila, Philippines
02 567 7777

3 thoughts on “Manila Ocean Park

  1. Leslie, you took such great photos it like being there. Does your camera use flash when inside the glass tube? With small children they come first for limited patient some time with them. That park was indeed the best ever for family.


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